Oando Plc Job: Management Accountant

Job Title: Management Accountant
Job Code: MA/FT//28669
Department: Finance

Job Purpose 

  • The job incumbent is primarily responsible for providing support to the entity Finance Manager; CFO; Operations Managers; Business Development Manager and CEO in order to ensure that each significant business decision is given proper financial consideration.
  • This entails providing management with reports & models to assist in decision making processes towards the achievement of the entity’s financial & corporate objectives.
  • This role could be product line focused; project oriented or all-encompassing within the entity.
  • It would also entail going beyond the numbers to assess business trends, develop root causes of business issues and to identify opportunities for reduced costs and improved profitability.
  • The incumbent would also be responsible for the entity’s financial reports for both external and internal reports.

Job Responsibility & Accountability

  • Requires minimal supervision
  • Use of initiative is required as well as judgment
  • Reports directly to mid-level management and may report directly to senior level management if the need arises
  • Responsible for the planning of financial resources of the Company and translation of strategies into financial models for profitability assessment
  • Minimal error in deliverables as reports prepared are depended on by management


  • A degree in Economics, Accounting or management science
  • Must be a chartered accountant
  • Prior work experience in a corporate finance related environment and grasp of financial modeling technique
  • Good grasp of financial reporting, analysis and presentation of information
  • Clear verbal and oral communication skill
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work under pressure without comprise to the quality of deliverables

Application closes 14th December, 2012

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