Mother’s Dilemma As 11-Year Old Daughter Is Impregnated

This should be just about the most shocking news we have read in recent times – an 11-year old girl in Calabar, Cross River who is already four months pregnant. Not the shock of the pregnancy but the fact that someone would find a girl so young and supposedly innocent sexually attractive.

teen pregnancy

Ekamen Asuquo, a pupil of Ikorenim Primary School Calabar, was confirmed pregnant after a test was conducted on her at the General Hospital, Calabar state. Ekamen who is just in primary five and resides with her mother at 2, Pipeline Road, Ikorenim was suspected to be carrying a baby by her observant mother going by the symptoms exhibited by the teenage girl who was sick for a while. This led the woman to take her to the hospital after she failed to get well, despite long period of self medication.

It was a shocked and devastated mother who was told that her 11-year old daughter was pregnant after a series tests.

Ekamen’s mother who allegedly sells hot drinks and illicit drugs confronted her daughter to know who impregnated her only for her to mention one Tony, – a regular caller at her mother’s hot drinking joint.

The confrontation of the said Tony only led to a further heartbreak for the distraught mother as more revelations emerged of how Ekamen had been a subject of tussle among her mother’s clients including two tenants who were living in the woman’s house. At the last count, five men had slept with Ekamen and true to age, she could not tell who was responsible.

A source stated that out of annoyance, “She has since asked the two young men living in her house to quit but they are asking for time to secure another accommodation before they can vacate the house.”

When the distraught mother was asked what she was going to do with the daughter’s predicament, tears rolled down her cheek, as she said “I leave everything to God.”

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr John Umoh, has denied knowledge of the incident as it had not been reported to them.


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