Mixed Reactions Trail Dbanj’s Koko Concert+Comments That Will Make You Laugh

0The 2012 Edition of the Koko Concert which took place last night in Eko Atlantic City in Lagos state has come and gone – it was arguably the most hyped and anticipated show of the year with a star-studded cast of musical acts and what’s moe, it was hosted by Idris Elba.

However, the concert has generated a whole lot of debate as Nigerians especially those who attended the show, have blasted the organizers for making them trek long and tortuous distances at that time of the night and for starting behind schedule.

Moreso, there are allegations that Dbanj was rude to his fans when he reportedly showed preferential treatment to guests at the VIP and those who paid for tables as against the regulars who coughed out N5,000.

I have had a great laugh reading through most of the comments on Twitter regarding the Koko concert and by the way, #KokoConcert is now trending on Twitter while Dbanj is now the most followed celebrity in Nigeria with 495, 702 followers as at the time of this report – that position was initially held by Don Jazzy.

Here are my favourite tweets relating to the Koko concert…

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