Jay Z Reportedly Gets $5 Million Wristwatch From Bey On 43rd Birthday

Okay! Before you jump into conclusions, this hasn’t been confirmed yet by either Jay Z or his wife, Beyonce. However, foremost hip-hop site, allhiphop.com is reporting that Beyonce bought her husband the most expensive Hublot watch known to man – the “Big Bang”. The diamond-encrusted watch costs a reported $5 million and has 1,282 diamonds in total!!

Beyonce reportedly bought the time-piece as a birthday present to Jay-Z who turned 43 on Tuesday, December 4th.

According to a Media Take Out snitch, Jay-Z was “very excited” when Bey gave him the watch as he is an avid watch collector. But common, who wouldn’t be happy?

The story might turn out true eventually as the couple have a history of lavishing expensive gifts on each other on special occassions.



  1. A watch made from diamonds from conflict zones and war torn african nations.
    I hope these great role models send some leftovers from teir plates to the children without limbs and parents.
    O silly me,once you become rich 4 america you stop being black.
    She 4 kuku marry wacko jacko buy pikin from toy shop with the watch.
    Some black people brain don scatter.
    She for come adopt me now,jay z no need to worry i no go rock dem love boat.
    Our govt don 4get us na only adoption remain O.


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