Goldie, J Martins At Daggers Drawn Over SA Video Shoot Drama

Between Goldie and J Martins, who is a bigger star? If you can honestly answer that question, then you would have arrived at half the answer to this current brouhaha going on between both Nigerian super stars.

Reportedly, Goldie invited J Martins to South Africa in November to appear in the video shoot for their duet “Give It To Me” but the “Oyoyo” crooner demanded a business class flight ticket which she couldn’t afford and after much persuasion, he accepted to be in SA for the shoot with a caveat – he will be met by Goldie herself. But to his utter dismay, a representative was sent instead.

J Martins declined to follow the rep since he wasn’t known to him especially as he was in a foreign country and needed to be safety conscious.

The drama took a turn for the worse when J Martins checked into a $700/night hotel (approx. N108,500) again, declining the hotel already booked for him by Goldie. That day, both singers couldn’t see as J Martins feigned tiredness and a bit of sickness and wanted to be left alone.

On the morning of the shoot, J Martins supposedly asked for a refund of his hotel bills which summed up at $3,500 and after much cajoling, he agreed to accept a refund of $1400. If the Kennis Music signed act thought her worse days were over, she was mistaken.

J Martins didn’t show up on set till 3pm later that day and when he eventually did, he insisted on receiving his $1400 refund. That settled, he started to act unprofessional – complaining about the costumes, refusing to take instructions from the set handlers, taking phone & making phone calls on set etc.

Appalled at the turn of events, the video shoot crew, who were mostly whites, packed their equipments and left unceremoniously and Goldie is upset (you remember upset Goldie in BBA Star Game?) because she lost quite some money in the process.



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