Entire 2013 Supply Of World’s Dearest Cheese Bought By Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic (L)

By 2013, if the world experiences cheese shortage, tennis superstar, Novak Djokovic should be held responsible – by those who can afford the cheese, which reportedly costs £800/kilo.

Djokovic paid for the entire 2013 supply of the donkey’s milk cheese reputed to be the world’s most expensive because he wants to supply a new chain of restaurants in his home country of Serbia.

The delicacy, known as pule, is made in Zasavica, Serbia and has oftern drawn comparisons to Spain’s manchego.

Donkey milk is said to be very healthy for humans as it contains anti-allergen properties and is low in fats.

“It’s a great vote of confidence in what we do” revealed Slobodan Simic, boss of the manufacturers of the cheese while agreeing to the sale.


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