Buhari At 70: This Is Not Where We Should Be As A Nation

As former military head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari clocks 70 today, full of gratitude to God, he has decried the state of infrastructure, the collapse of social values, indiscipline and corruption which he said could tear the nation apart.


“It is clear this is not the country our founding fathers dreamt of. This is not the country any Nigerian can be proud of. We have witnessed a systematic decline in everything we once held dear and took for granted. Is it the economy? Is it security? Is it employment generation? Is it electricity? You will agree with me we are not where we should be as a nation,” he lamented.

While going down memory lane, the three time presidential aspirant recalled with nostalgia, the bane of the nation’s predicament; citing indiscipline and corruption. “When we came into power, we identified indiscipline and corruption as the greatest bane of the country,” he said. “We immediately put in place the War Against Indiscipline programme.

“There was the queue culture, where you had to queue up in bus stops, banks and so on. Even till today, you can still find Nigerians imbibing that aspect of our campaign. Unfortunately, we were overthrown before we could commence the war against corruption, the other component of our programme. You can see for yourself where the abandonment of the war against indiscipline and corruption has led our country. Indiscipline and corruption are our biggest problems.”

On the General Ibrahim Babaginda coup that overthrew his regime, Buhari, who is often labelled incorruptible and rigid by his allies and foes alike said: “I have forgiven him for what he did to me, but I have not forgotten. How do you expect me to forget?” he asked rhetorically.


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