Boko Haram Should Form Political Party – Chief Of Defence

The Chief Of Defence Staff, Admiral Ola Saad Ibrahim has called on the members of Islamic Militant, Boko Haram to form a political party, if they feel so strongly about their opinion that they want to impose it on other people, adding that their crusade is 100 percent sin as far as both the Holy Quar’an and Hadith is concerned.

Admiral Saad stated this on Wednesday, in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital during a courtesy visit paid on the Borno state Governor, Kashim Shettima at the Maiduguri Government House.

The CDS, who was in Maiduguri to assess military formation told Governor Shettima that, he has studied both the Quar’an and Hadith and found out that there was no where in both the Holy Books where it sanctions such opinion that informs the decision of the sect members to carry arms against innocent people and established authorities.

Admiral Ibrahim said it is a sin for young people to channel their strength or put it into buying weapons to destroy lives, adding that they should instead put their resources into agriculture to yield twice in a year.

Also speaking the Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar told Governor Kashim that the Federal Government would continue to send troops and equipment to enhance security of lives and property in the state.

“Challenges are always there and men can conquer challenges, as such; we would continue to support the state government in what ever way we can to tackle the crises in the state.” the IGP said.

While responding, Governor Shettima said it was not stateman’s like to support the removal of the JTF from the state.

According to him, “I would never support the removal of JTF from Borno, but will continue to do our best by encouraging our youngmen to do what is right.


  1. Pls the president should stop promising us we are sick and type of unfufill promises, if u want 2 do somethn u must nt state it out, infact action speaks louder than voice, if u can’t control nigeri* pls leave the seat. Tanx to force but pls do ur work well u re paid to secure life nt to marijuan with the cash u collect 4rm the fedr*l govn’t. Effc pls be note that nigeria leader’s are extorting money 4rm our resources of whict it is a crime, use our money to protect our life. Any leader 4rm councilor up ward be aware that one day they will visit u nt only the poor. B¤k¤ h*r*m sect pls face d leader’s nt the poor innocent people.


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