Bisi Claimed to Have Met Dino in April, She Delivers in November: Is it Truly Dino’s Child?

Controversial actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe recently put to bed. She had raised a lot of dust when, during her pregnancy, she had pointed accusing finger at former member of the House of Representatives, Dino Melaye, saying he is responsible for the pregnancy.

Well, now that bundle of joy has arrived, more light is definitely being shed on the whole situation. The actress had claimed in an interview that she met the lawmaker early April. Meanwhile, 7 months later, on Friday November 30th she gave birth to a baby girl. Dino’s friends are now pointing out the dates.

The friends of the lawmaker are now saying that Bisi’s delivery has further shown that the baby is not Dino Melaye’s, that if she truly got pregnant for Melaye in April, she should not have given birth by now, going by her claims in the interview.

Meanwhile people close to Dino said he laughed when he heard about the delivery and also said he’s standing by his previous statement. – “I am not distracted a bit about this joke and imaginary creation of a serial liar.”


  1. Ds girl might still be very correct. If she got pregnant in April there’s every possibility dt she delivers November ending. EDD is always two wks b4 or after. So she might fell under 2wks b4. We bid gynaecologist to enlighten us more

    • u pple nor see say the baby face look like tht of dino, plz dino go and carry ur babe bo,,,lol,,,,dna we solve the mathematis ok,,,

  2. Hw cAn bisi deliver afta 7months of meetin dino, dis is unbelievable n nt d truth, dey ar both adulterer. Dino is a disgrace to govt house pple, n bisi is a disgrace to d movie industry

  3. @faith, it is not a shameful result, children are blessing from God. Why are you all blaming her, instead blame the dino who didn’t respect his wife, a woman knows who got her preg, so i don’t blame her, atleast funke akindele was dating her husby before marriage, the guy self was married before. Make una leave Bisi alone.

  4. Shit, this girl is a bitch. No be her timaya dey f**k dat time b4 dem later disgrace themselves for public after a bitter separation? Dis time around na dino melaye. She no even get shame.I beg leave †◌ her own situation joor.oloorun ni.

  5. Pls leave dat one jor, respect ko, respect ni! Dino’s case will be d 1st one or 2nd? Sexcapades among African men is a phenomenal, it’s bin like dat from dia fore fathers up till now. It’s left for us women to aply wisdom wen we’re around dem. What are we even saying, did Dino go to look for her? She’s d one carry her yansh go meet d man in disguise of in need of help. She claimed she met Dino in April for d 1st time, called him she’s pregnant in May! Am very sure if Dino were to be ur broda u wuldnt av talkin dis way, bcos a home datz florishing, datz mean d basterd dia has not grown up. And again don’t ever compare Funke’s relatnship wit dat lot & cheap woman. D diffrnt is so cleared jor! Betwn Funke & her man dia was a mutual agreement, she didn’t hooked or imposed herself wit a fake pregnancy on d man. Datz how a woman wit a high sense, a respected woman shuld av done. It’s how u carry urself, pple who help u carry it. If u devalued urself, believe me no person who price it high for u. She’s just a fool by tinkin she’s trying to tanish d man’s image or career, she got it wrong, Nigerians are now wise to be able to cajole wit cheap blakmails. We can be able to diffrentiate betwn somone private lives from dia official work. Even if d DNA shows dat she’s right, it doesn’t change d fact dat she’s a slut, an intruder, desperate home breaker. Upon all her wayward dat she called social, she’s still end up wit a national disgrace. Abi na international. A disgrace to womanhood! shame!


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