22 Year-Old Woman Who Quit School To Become A Prostitute Repents, Ready To Start A New Life

When a 20-year-old Ruwa lady Shevone Mutangadura celebrated her birthday and virginity by splashing 17 cases of ciders on her body at a city pub, she somewhat sent a message.

To some, she appeared as an attention seeker, but she managed to inspire a self-confessed prostitute, Privilege Chirume.

The Gweru bred ‘thigh’ vendor, aged 22, claims she has quit the world’s oldest profession. She confesses that she was touched by the testimony of Shevone.

The young lady said she was now born again and ready to start a new life. The ‘retired’ hooker declares that she has since stopped selling sex.

“I’m asking for forgiveness from my 48-year-old father, Mr Chirume of House No. 2405 Mkoba 7 in Gweru. He works at Mashonaland Turf Club. I also want to apologise to my brothers, sisters, relatives and friends for running away from school and home engaging into prostitution. If they forgive me, I will go back home anytime,” said Privilege who wants to be pardoned for her deeds.

Narrating how she became a commercial sex worker, Privilege recalled:

“I engaged into sex work when my mother died of TB on 11 October 2005 at Driefontein Mission TB Hospital along Mvuma-Masvingo road and I was 14 years old then.

I was now staying with my father in Gweru when my brother Liberty Chirume based in Durban, South Africa, came back home and summoned me to go and finish my secondary education in South Africa.

When I was in South Africa, my dad called my brother to bring me back because I was a nuisance because I denied to return and stay at our Chivhu rural home following the death of my mother.

“When I was brought back to Zimbabwe, that is when I sneaked to Harare to become a prostitute. In fact I was at my grandmother’s home in Marondera when my father married my friend who was born in 1990,” she narrated.

The remorseful Privilege insisted that she would be happy once her siblings forgive her.

“I would like to ask for forgiveness from my brother Itai Chirume in Chinhoyi, Liberty Chirume in Durban, my elder sister Enifa Chirume in Ruwa and my dad,” she pleaded.

Privilege, now is a mother of a two and half-year old girl, thanked her former teacher at Chaplain High School in Gweru, Mrs Mutangadura for taking care of her. Mrs Mutangadura is now teaching at Hwedza Igava Secondary School.

Privilege is looking forward to settle down and start a normal life.


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