Tunde Bakare Slams Pastors Who ‘Automatically’ Make Their Wives Pastors

Fiery pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, politician and social crusader, Tunde Bakare, has lashed out at fellow pastors, especially in Nigeria, who automatically ordain their wives into the same position.

Reacting to the growing trend, the popular preacher said:

“On the issue of pastors making their wives automatic pastors, [it] is wrong. In fact, I observed that such things are common in our churches today. Even when a pastor’s wife is called, she has to go through the right process, the Bible College in order to acquire the necessary knowledge to operate successfully.

“Bible colleges are not there for fun, it is to train servants of God. There is no shortcut or sentiment. There are other things the pastors’ wives, who are not called, can do to help the church grow, not serve as pastors.”

He attributed the practice to disobedience. According to him, “the major problem is that some pastors refused to obey what the Bible says. We are expected to seek the kingdom first and then all other things shall be added unto them. But today, some of us seek all other things first before the kingdom of God.”


  1. Sir, you are right not because you are right but because Bible says it, it makes it right. See this ‘ A bishop then must be blameless, the HUSBAND of one wife, vigilant sober of good behavior given to hospitality apt to teach; 1 Timothy3:2. Bible says …husband of one wife… not Wife of one husband. The Bible(KJV1611) should be our final authority not vision, experience… Etc. Making much of Jesus…

  2. How about automatic succession of pastor’s son to General Overseer when the pastor is no longer there. I know it is a bit difficult to expect a man who has built up a multimillion naira religious enterprises to hand it over to another man. Unless he is really working in the Spirit of God.

  3. Where do we find it in the Bible that a Pastor must go to Bible School? What is the name of the Bible School attended by Peter, Andrew and co. It is good, Bible School is to train Believer to have knowledge of God, however, Bible School has been turned to Secular where everyone that goes automatically become a Pastor. It is like going to read MBBS in school which at the end earns the student Doctor. No! Bible School is for knowledge, there is a place for God’s calling. The school fees of Bible School is almost equivalent to secular school which makes every student to go for pastorate in order to profit from the money spent in school, it should not be so. What am I saying? Bible school is an important school for Pastors but not sufficient to be a Pastor and not a deficient if not attended by a Pastor.


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