There’s Hope For Nigeria – Nuhu Ribadu

Erstwhile chairman of the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force and former EFCC boss, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, has revealed that with a clean and sanitised oil and gas sector, there will not be any need to remove subsidy on oil.

The anti-corruption czar said this while Speaking with journalists in Ilorin, Kwara state capital on Monday after paying condolence visit to the family of the late Dr Olusola Saraki. Ribadu, who just recently submitted a report that detailed the widespread corruption in the oil and gas sector, as well as made useful recommendations, expressed hope that the report would be implemented.

“I want a clean sector. I want the industry sanitised. I believe if we clean up the sector, if we do what is right and proper, it is big enough to go round,” he said.

Mallam Ribadu also called for the collective efforts of all, adding that the industry needed improvement and change.

“This is a journey. We are doing our part, believing every other person would do theirs to support us. The industry requires improvement and change. Hopefully, with what we’ve done, implementation will take place and I believe changes will come to the industry. The government wisely thought up reforms, out of which people were invited to contribute and participate. We’ve seen it, hoping the implementation will come. There’s that possibility because, as you know, you and me, we are worried about our country”, he said.

Mallam Ribadu also said there was hope for a better Nigeria, particularly with growing enthusiasm among Nigerians.

“There’s hope for Nigeria. If you see the enthusiasm, the interest around everybody, you’ll conclude there’s hope for this country. People believe in Nigeria People are worried and concerned. We want a better life. And if you have a population like that with interest, passion, certainly, you’ll say there’s hope. We are working hard and if you work, you’ll see result. Today, all of us are concerned and worried. All of us will want to participate. All of us will want to see a better tomorrow and better Nigeria. This is what I can call  hope. The belief that tomorrow will certainly be a better day than today. And that we make today a better one than yesterday. I am encouraged daily.  I can certainly pray that we see a country we will be so proud of and feel comfortable with one another and adress our problems collectively and live in peace, security, stability, brotherliness and love,” he said.




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