Ten Reasons Why We Asked Okonjo Iweala To Resign – Dino Melaye

Former lawmaker, Otunba Dino Melaye has given reasons why he led a protest yesterday, Wednesday, to the Ministry of Finance’s headquarters in Abuja, where they demanded for the resignation of th minister and co-ordinating minister of the economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

The ACN Chieftain in Kogi state, in a statement titled “Why we asked Okonjo Iweala to resign”, posted on his Facebook, raised the following posers:
1) Why was pinnacle one of the 25 oil thieves paid N2.7billion without registration with corporate Affairs commission. We asked who owned the company and who authorized the payment?
2) Why are getting indebted again to the tune of billions of dollars now that she is coordinating the economy after escaping debt few years ago?
3) Appropriation law is like any ot her law in Nigeria,so not implementing the budget as passed is a breach of law,why did madam Okonjo implement our capital budget below 50%, knowing fully well that,that is where the masses can benefit from,in terms of roads,medical deliveries and infrastructural development generally.
4) The secret account opened with JP Morgan in America,we want her to tell Nigerians,who opened it,who operated it,despite the constitution says all monies must be paid into the consolidated revenue account of the federal Govt.
5) She is an imperialist agent in Nigeria,thats why she supported the 5k Naira note the CBN almost introduced.
6) There is so much corruption under her as minister and she has not been able to check corruption in the oil sector,so why is she the coordinating minister of the economy
7) We are yet to recover from the 1986 introduction of SAP,any further imperialist agenda will further destroy our economy.
8) Why is she saving when the people are starving and dying?
9) With all her over bloated and rated economic prowess, unemployment, value of Naira, per capital income, standard of living, FDI, manufacturing,  etc all on the decline.
10) Under her as minister corruption has grown from the stealing of billions to trillions un abated

Dino, who is the secretary of anti-graft watch dog, Anti-corruption Network of Nigeria, said, “we must fight corruption to stand still, even if we do it at the risk of our lives. We must salvage our country from economic cankerworms and financial scavengers. We have no other country other than Nigeria. Nothing personal with any public officer in Nigeria but any where we find corruption,we will expose it. God bless Nigeria.”

Meanwhile in a statement signed by Paul Nwabuikwu, spokesman to Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the minister described Dino as a “disreputable” individual adding that “Nigerians are, of course, not deceived by the antics of Mr Melaye who has no known pedigree as a civil society activist or even a reputation for honour or common decency.”

He was also accused of carrying out a protest sponsored by oil barons indicted and are currently being investigated and prosecuted for subsidy fraud.


  1. good move but led by d wrongest person………….she shld resign truly cos corruption has indeed skyrocketed right under her nose…..she might be truly brilliant and helpful in other economies but most def not ours. Nigeria has never had it dis bad. She hasnt been of any help so good riddance

  2. Let her resign with d CBN governor, they are d cause of massive unemployment in Nigeria. She is being used against Nigeria prospect. I strongly support d cause 4 her 2 resign, Nigeria must move forward

  3. Crook Dino!! Noise maker non pareil. A man with dubious morals; a tout absolutel who dishonoured the floor of the National Assembly with his brawling. Only in Naija will such an embodiment of corruption be fronting anti-corruption…Rubbish!!


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