Side Effects Of Prolonged Use Of Computers On The Eyes

Whether at work or at home, computers have become a large part of our lives. Therefore, if you are suffering from persistent headaches, the reason maybe your eyes – staring at a screen for hours un-end daily, can cause discomfort to the eyes also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Common signs and symptoms of eye problems associated with prolonged use of computer include:

  • Headaches occur during computer work or shortly thereafter.
  • Blurry vision while using a computer or an inability to focus well on the objects in the computer screen.
  • Frequent dry or irritated eyes.
  • Difficulty focusing when driving or doing other routine activities after heavy computer use.
  • Neck or shoulder pain that may indicate increased tension or straining while using the computer.
  • Occurrence Blurry vision.
  • Difficulty refocusing no distant objects after using a computer.
  • Difficulty seeing text or other materials clearly after using a computer.
  • Pain in the arms and wrists when using a computer, which may suggest your computer station, needs an adjustment to serve you better.

The symptoms can increase frustration, increased irritation and they can have a real effect on your work performance. Some studies have linked routine and extended computer use with an increased risk for glaucoma and related eye diseases.

Children are more affected by eye strains more than adults as their home works, video games and other activities have direct link with the Electronic Screens of computer, TV and other multimedia programs in schools.

Computer-related eye strain is so common in children so much it has its own name: Vision Syndrome or CVSC (computer vision syndrome in children). Therefore, if your child spends more than one hour each day on the computer, there is a likelihood they may suffer from CVSC.

Fortunately there are many procedures to improve the eye health and reduce the impact of computer screens on eye. Wearing prescription lenses specifically designed for computer users easily relieves many symptoms including eyestrain.

There are also many other tools that can help relive eye strain and headaches:

  • Use of Anti-glare screens can reduce eye strain.
  • Taking frequent breaks during work on computer.
  • Participating in eye exercises to help strengthen your eyes and reduce blurry vision.
  • Taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure your eyes get the nutrients they need.
  • Increasing the font size of your computer screen to reduce eye strain.
  • Using a larger monitor so you can see the print on your computer screen better. This is very helpful especially if you must read long documents or spend hours entering data or editing on a computer.

It is also important that computer users must recognize many factors that can impact their eye while using a computer; it includes lighting conditions and the length of time they work or play at a computer. Video games also contribute its hazards on eye. Eye strain can also develop from frequent gaming at a computer station.

It is also important that you give your eyes a rest and don’t spend this break in front of the T.V. This will allow your eyes to relax from the strain. Try alternating between computer and paper work.

You could try the 10:10:10 exercise. Have something else very close to your face, about10 inches away and stare at it for 10 seconds every 10 minutes. This can be a picture or some wording.

Also, cover your eyes regularly with the palms of your hand and open them into the darkness to let them rest. Blink rapidly while looking directly at the sun for short periods.

Like they always say, if ‘symptoms persist for more than 3 days, consult your doctor.’ I say if your eyesight is giving you troubles consistently, it’s high time you paid your Optometrist a visit.



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