SARS Attack: I see these people coming to the National Assembly very soon – Lawmaker

As the saying goes, “nobody wants to die”! Now that a security stronghold in the very capital of the country has been successfully attacked, the country’s lawmakers not only believe that the security situation of the country has reached an embarrassing state, they, in fact, fear that the National Assembly might indeed be the next target of terrorists.

The lawmakers have declared the premises of the National Assembly as “unsafe”. The lawmakers in a heated debate of urgent national importance said insecurity had reached a level where no security facility was safe again. Hon Abubakar Momoh who led the debate said the Tuesday robbery in Auchi, Edo State which claimed the lives of three soldiers, some policemen and civilians, clearly showed that insecurity in the country was getting out of hand.

Also, Hon Raphael Nnanna said the successful operation by gunmen who invaded the headquarters of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Abuja has shown that the security personnel lacked the capacity to stem the tide of insecurity in the country. He reminded us that the invasion of SARS took place less than 24 hours after a Church at Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna State was bombed by gunmen. Seventeen people were reportedly killed and several others injured in that church bombing that took place right in the middle of another military installation.

Hon Nnanna said: “The state of insecurity in the country has reached an embarrassing level. What happened in Jaji and SARS headquarters is embarrassing to the leadership and people of this nation… I see these people coming to the National Assembly very soon”, he added.

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  1. Our law makers are coming out to speak against the insecurity in the nation. They are scared because Jaji and SARS were attacked by Boko Haram. Their lives are no longer safe at the National Assembly premises. Our lawmakers forgot about thousands of innocent citizens that have been maimed and bombed by the brutal boko harams, properties have been vandalized, blood of the innocents washed across the various states in the North, yet nobody raised voice high to condemn such atrocities that have been perpetrated. Now that it seems BH is approaching to some of our security outfits, our Law makers are scared because their lives are so so precious. If we couldnt do anything to redeem the security of this great nation, the ugly attacks would be staring us in the face. Yes, Nigeria is a great nation and still the giant of Africa. Let us wake up from slumber and bring down Boko Harams. Nigeria go beta, one day.

  2. I never knew these our so-called honourable fears as much as this ! So, now that Boko Haram seems to be threatening Abuja and it’s surroundings. You can lament the pathetic state of insecurity in a country you swear your loyalty and service to. Dont worry honourable,those billions you stole will protect you, or dont you have faith in your stolen billions ?


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