Okada Rider Beaten Black And Blue, Clothes Taking Off By Lagos Policemen

According to a citizen reporter, the naked man in the pictures below is an Okada man who allegedly violated the new Lagos state traffic law.

He was apprehended at the junction adjoining University road and St Finbarrs college road Akoka, by policemen in mufti. Instead of charging him based on the dictates of the law, the policemen descended on the Okadaman, beating him black and blue before stripping him naked.

The inhuman treatment did not stop until sympathizers who had formed a crowd around the scene, pleaded with the policemen. Is the Nigeria Police truly your friend?

-Culled From Linda Ikeji’s Blog


  1. These officers shud b arrested. How can they batter a man like that just bcos they are wearing uniform. Where are the human right activist? Have they seen that in western world b4? These pple shud b fired $ den sued

  2. Doz policemen r crazie n insane. Pls the relevant authorities should look into this matter n take it seriously to avoid future another incident of this sort

  3. This is outrageous. How could law enforcement agents who are suppose to protect the law be violating it. This is how many innocent nigerians

    suffer in the hands of the so called Nigerian Police Force. This calls to question the issue of our police being designated a “FORCE”. Police everywhere in the world are as a matter of civility refered to as “police” and not “police force”. They harrass the public with fire arms bought with public funds. I call on human rights groups to take up this act of lawlessness very seriously and bring the perpetrators to book promptly. We’ve had enough of this rubish. We are watching to see how the police will defend this dastardly act.

  4. Its getting too much for police people in this country we knw dirty cops exist but when d dirty cops begin to display openly then we can aswell call them boko haram, goodluck its not by changing their uniform o


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