Man Sues Wife for Being Ugly, Court Awards Him $120,000

Before And After Plastic Surgery

In what may be the weirdest divorce trial in recent history, a man in China sued his wife for being ugly and actually won the right to divorce her and a substantial settlement of $120,000.

No, this is not a joke. Earlier this year, Jian Feng, a man from northern China took his spouse to court for being ugly. But you couldn’t really tell that by looking at her, in fact the unnamed woman could be considered attractive by most standards. To make things even weirder, the judge actually ruled in his favor, granting him the right to a divorce and a settlement of around $120,000.


This probably makes no sense to you right now, but I’ll try to clarify things as best I can. Jian Feng’s problems began when he and his wife had their first baby. The man described his daughter as “incredibly ugly” and told the court she resembled neither of the parents. Now, most fathers would just hold their peace and love that little angel as if she were the most beautiful baby ever born, but not Feng.

He started accusing his wife of cheating on him, and he kept at it until she couldn’t take no more and finally admitted she might have something to do with the baby’s appearance.


  1. the woman that had a sense of humor and appreciation shouldn’t have gone for the surgery. she is d cause of her problem and the man is not to blame. let this sound as a note of warning to girls who lie thier way through relationship thinking that after marriage there nothing the man can do; we’ll chase you away. no time.
    thumbs up to the judge..

  2. The man just over reacted. He needs to face the mirror even for few minutes to see his own appearance,too. The child perfectly resembled HIS natural beauty, so why complained and blamed the mother only??????????

  3. Hez a numbskull….wuznt she hw she wuz wen he married her?? So y is it nw he “suddenly” realised hw ugly she is?? N shez done surgery 2 luk beta n mk her hubby happy..wt else does he 1nt?? Who forced him 2 marry her??
    D idiot shuldd beta say y he 1nts a divorce n stop acting lyk a fool

  4. The woman performed surgery to impress her husbi facially buh surgery cld not change the ugly trait in her. Nevertheless, I blv that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Everyone is beautiful at varied digrees…He shouldn’t have sued her.


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