Lagos State To Issue Residents Identity Cards

In its bid to be a truly world class city, the Lagos State Government is set for the registration of residents starting from January 2013. The move is aimed at registering over 20 million residents of the commercial capital of Nigeria which will help make the process of governance better as well as control the influx of illegal citizens.

Duly registered residents will be issued an Identity card after registration.

This was disclosed on Thursday by Lagos state Public Relations Officer, Mr Akiniyi who said that every Lagosian must ensure their information is included in the Lagos residents database.

According to him, “Government has the responsibility to cater for everyone residing in Lagos, regardless of the exercise to differentiate between legal residents and illegal immigrants.”



  1. This Lagos state registration is the best thing that can happen in the 52 yrs of Nigerian independence. Every Citizen, Resident, legal/illegal should be registered in Lagos, Delta, Rivers state etc.. all Nigeria. Thereafter all Registered persons can have defined Roles, Responsibilities and Rewards e.g below 21yrs and above 70yrs you can not have commercial drivers license to drive a car/vehicle but you can be entitled to state welfare/pension.Between 7 – 21yrs you must be in school or learning a skill/trade.If you can not afford it you can have state aid/scholarship.. but you must be low income not SUV owner.To vote/be voted for you must be a resident not absentee living in Europe/America/South Africa etc. The registration data should include Date of birth, place of birth, Place of resident last 180 days, height, weight, level of education, level of income, blood group, genotype, photograph, father’s family name, mother’s family name, finger prints etc Registration – first- should be free if you earn below N50,000=/mth and should cost N10,000= and higher for those earning above N50k/mth.All subsequent changes should attract high fess and approved only by High Court Judge/VC/Schol principal/headmaster/Permanent sec of education/health/works/transport/women affairs in person.etc


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