Kaduna State Governor Dares Boko Haram, Says, “…I Will Not Resign”

Gov. Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State on Thursday reiterated his resolve to see through his tenure despite the spate of bombings by radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram in the state.

This was disclosed by the governor at the PDP National Headquarters in Abuja while fielding questions from newsmen.

The governor disclosed that the state government was on top of the situation, adding, “me say to you out rightly that I will not resign. There is absolutely no reason for me to resign.

“We are on top of the security challenges we are facing in Kaduna State,” he stressed.

He said that the state government was working with the Federal Government and security agencies to ensure the security of the state.


  1. I believe strongly that by the grace of God boko haram has come to an end. All those behind will not go free. As far as am concern so far Dr Goodluck Jonathan is the best President this counry has ever had untill others emerge. Long live Nigeria! You shall be far from oppression

  2. Rubish! If Jonathan is d best,then what is Yaradua. THE MAN THAT REMOVED SUBSIDY AND TURN LIFE TO HELL 4 d poor. D MAN THAT PROMISED EVERI POSSIBLE SOLUTN 2 ELEctricity but neva did Anythn to Help. I Passionately 8 d his regime. Kuz D man is a Badluck 2 we Poor


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