Jaji Military Barracks Explosion [UPDATE]

The explosion was reportedly caused by a car bomb which was detonated in front of the church inside the military barracks. “A car drove into the church premises … then detonated the bomb” at around 1145GMT, a military officer told the Reuters news agency, asking not to be named.

The attack took place after the church service had ended there.

An official of the National Emergency Agency (NEMA) in Abuja, Mr Yushau A. Shuaib, has confirmed the explosion. He said, “NEMA rescuers have been alerted to an explosion at a military formation in Kaduna state today and likely at a worship centre.”

Five persons have been reportedly killed with dozens injured by the explosion.



  1. Allah ya tsine muku ma su kashe mutanen, da ba su da lefi. Those pple u killed , ar they respnsible for d injustice in nigeria.? Allah wil disappoint all of u on d day of judgement. wawaye kawe!

  2. whre were d army wen d fuckers cal BH pass 2 d premises of d church,d oli tyn dat evri 1 wl do is 2 protect hm/hr self bcoz our securities hv fail us.


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