“It Was Don Jazzy Who Disvirgined Me” – Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is never a mile away from controversy. And this time around, she has not released a new single and uploaded a semi-nude picture.

The Nollywood actress, sensationally claimed via Twitter, that her first sexual experience, was with foremost music producer, Don Jazzy.

“I got disvirgined by @DONJAZZY i think this a lil bit Too Much info,” she wrote.

Don Jazzy, who was online at the time, chose to respond with humour. He wrote: “lol me dat im still a V,” (‘V’ meaning virgin).

A lot of fans were amused and shocked at the same time and reacted differently. Some did not believe it, stating clearly that Tonto was still on her attention-seeking mission.

But it might just be true, as Don Jazzy, once dated the actress and admitted it sometime back.


  1. was she ever a virgin? No she has never been. Besides she only wants to be on news, which she always do or say wierd things to achieve. Currupt child@Tonto just imagine the name

  2. Tonto is lieing. i dont believe her, why wont her show how don jz piers the little hole which she is proud of. shameful girl, i dont respect this type of girls, mumu, uwaki, shegiya.

  3. Is it even proper 2 disclose dat, dat rili happened? Tonto, pls stop saying tins like des cos im 1 of ur FANS n i rili luv d way u act. Beta b careful wit ur life

  4. Why always Tonto? Abi na only she dey tweet trivialities? Abeg make una dey una lane joor,& leave d damsel alone! Wtf?

    For ur PR concerns,guys,hook me up on Pin: 20C9925È

  5. Is dis girl runnin mad? Wats our consine if u wan him back go nd beg him. U no even shem to expoz urslf on net, u dont wan to marry? Who will know ur xboyfriend nd mary u

  6. Tonto dike, u are just damagein ur name n d one of ur family, i promise u, u are goin 2 regrate all dis leta in d future.

  7. Tonto dike, u are just damagein ur name n d one of ur family, i promise u, u are goin 2 regrate all dis leta in d future u will see, u won showe urself.


  9. Haa y some girls used to emmbarass demself if it is true is not compusary for u to say it out u are jst exposeing urself u better change for good.

  10. Mumu i which i no her in person bt no, i prayed that God who creat her, he will loos her from any crooked that dose’nt let her to beaf well. In Jesus Name. I Like her

  11. Why are some people foolish. The prostitute said she was disvirgin by don jazzy yet u are asking idf it is truth. You must open your eyes and be wise. The gal don sour. She is a public dog that have been fucked by almost all the celebrity all in the name of popularity. I pity d man well go marry u.

  12. na woo abeg make wena live person pinkin alone if na dey where were sha want am so be it na her life i just pity her becos she no get husband tonto go fine husband and marr so dat all dis insul go finish for ur body u hear

  13. She just want attention, Does of us that live in Glass house don’t throw stone.
    Always know the kind of people you walk with. You can see Tonto dike is messing up Don jazz name.
    Trying to let the world knew he sleep with her. Well the girl is shameless and she lack home training.

  14. Shame on u all…it might not even be her handle….think about ur own lives n stop tlkn about others,go out der n find out wat ppl fink about u b4u call Someone a whore.have u had sex with her or paid her for sex….u r de disgrace

  15. Tonto Dikeh are you on wild drugs? I ask because hard drugs cannot make you do the things you do. Your parents must be very “proud” of you(that is, if you can still recognize them). There comes a time girl there comes a time. You might think this is it, but remember old age is around the corner. Stop for a moment and ask yourself “for how long will I continue in this mess I have created for myself”? Cheap girl, cheap fame! What a waste you are turning yourself to be? God bless you. I guess you do not tell an elder to come out of the sun.


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