Experiencing The Nigerian Online Optician – sunglasses.com.ng

Hi, have you heard of the online optician, well I bet you have seen sunglasses.com.ng for some days and you were wondering what it was all about. One of our readers sent her story, and we thought it would be appropriate to share it. Hope you enjoy it.

There I was feeling very frustrated on a Tuesday morning, my 5 year old kid just sat on my prescription glasses and I was already late for work. I knew I would be totally useless without my glasses at work that week so you can’t imagine how mad I was. Fortunately for me, I tuned to the morning Dan Foster show on my way to work when I heard him saying I could buy prescription glasses online and get it delivered to my work at no extra cost. Wao!!!.Words can’t begin to describe the relieve I felt when I heard this. Immediately I got to work, I visited sunglasses.com.ng, selected my Ray Ban wayfarer, I even got to enter my prescription details, then I checked out. It was like magic!! The best part was when a lady called me to confirm my order; she couldn’t have been any nicer. I felt like a boss. Who knew services could be this awesome in Nigeria, I haven’t even paid and the service lady treated me like a queen. My glasses were delivered at my office like I ordered. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see the delivery man with my eyes so I instructed security to call me immediately he came. I walked to the gate and alas, my Ray-Ban Wayfarer was handed to me by a man wearing a sunglasses T shirt with sunglasses branded Okada. The package was meticulously arranged, there were air bags to protect the glasses even. I signed the invoice, paid for my glasses and we said our goodbyes. I was so happy; I didn’t have to spend 2 hours in traffic that week to go to the  optician!!! You can order on the internet with your laptop or mobile, they were really nice and had a fast delivery. If I change to contact lenses or want a pair of sunglasses, I would definitely buy here. I have to say the service from sunglasses.com.ng was excellent”

We shared an article of the launch of sunglasses.com.ng in the ecommerce space two weeks ago. Since there launch, our sources inform us that business is booming for the CEO Jaime Moreno who presented an award at the just concluded NMAA awards. With the orders increasing exponentially for the company, there is no doubt that the online optician –  sunglasses.com.ng is here to’ stay.


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