Efe Ambrose Happy At Odemwingie Eagles Boost

Celtic defender Efe Ambrose has hailed fellow national team mate, Osaze Peter Odemwingie’s decision to return to the Nigeria squad following days of speculations about the latter’s future.

Efe Ambrose

Ambrose was also full of praise for the fatherly role played by national coach Stephen Keshi, in getting the West Bromwich striker to re-commit his future to the Super Eagles.

“I have been monitoring events in the Super Eagles online and I am very happy that “Osaz” has agreed to play for the Eagles again,” an elated Ambrose disclosed.

“This is very good news and a big boost to the team. I have always known that Coach Keshi is a good coach and father so I am happy that the he has also welcomed Osaz with open arms.

“This will surely boost our final preparations for the Africa Cup of Nations in January next year,” said Ambrose.


  1. Keshi is not telling us the truth.osaze happens to be the most committed player in the eagles over a space of at least six years. How come he has suddenly become a bad player. I have never seen a coach announcing international retirement on a players behalf. Rather honest and well meaning coaches make sure their best players remain available and condition them to play for the team because that is supposed to be an integral part of keshi’s job. he shot himself in the foot by saying osaze is retiring because he was benched in 2010,haba, keshi,how could that be remotely possible when osaze has played about five times for nigeria after the so called 2010. If he was so mad about 2010, he would have retired after the World Cup!.the fact is Keshi is deeply involved in using the eagles as a shop window to project new players in which he has an interest for onward sale to European clubs .that means some of the best players will have to be sacrificed to create room for Keshi s agenda. Now osaze happens to be the vocal type so that makes him a good option to be sacrificed. Keshi thinks we are all stupid.no we are not. Time will tell. This is the same keshi that confessed to leading the conspiracy not to pass the ball to rasheed yekini in USA 94 thus causing our early exit at a tournament we could have won. A treasonable act that Nigerian Football is yet to recover from even up till now. He made this confession in the studios of super sport 3 on 3rd February 2007.like the proverbial leopard , he can not change his spots. The fear is that if he could wield such a damaging influence as a player, he will definitely cause untold damage as a coach. He is toeing the same step of nepotism now. Why are other players like ogbuke who is playing at schalke 04 and the talented haruna Lukman who did so well even in a forgettable World Cup not being invited to the eagles? Is it because keshi is petty enough to consider them sia sia boys and thus avoid inviting them so as to spite the latter?can he rise above this silly and petty games and face the job at hand with any degree of sincerity? I get more worried when I hear he s inviting the likes of a spent Shola amoebi and a raheem lawal who plays in the Turkish second division instead of these established and obviously better players. I hope someone stops him before he wrecks our football with his personal agenda


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