Cannibal & Human Parts Dealer Arrested… Sold Parts To Churches, Ritualists

Members of the palace guard to the community leader of Ajara Topa community in collaboration with a vigilante group operating in the area, have arrested a man who allegedly eats and sells human parts to ritualists while operating from a hole dug under the Gbaji bridge, along the Badagry-Seme border.

The suspect, Joshua Akindele,56, who hails from Etokia Local Government in Ogun State, was first spotted by one Anthony Amos who watched him crawl into a hole under the Gbaji bridge, before he alerted other members of the group and palace guards of the Baale of Ajara Topa community, who then monitored Joshua’s movements.

The suspect in his confession, said that he had been into cannibalism and ritual killing for the past 15 years, after being introduced to the business by a friend who convinced him to stop riding “Okada” which he claimed  profited him a little, but could not sustain him.

He further said that he had been earlier sent to prison for 5 years after raping a 17-year old girl.

In his statement Joshua said, “I have been in this business for the past 15 years after my friend advised me to stop riding okada and to join him in ritual killing and cannibalism.”

When pressed further to describe how he carried out his activities, he confessed “Whenever I see somebody walking alone without being conscious of who is watching, I walk slowing up to them and  hit them with a big ply wood on their heads after which they fall unconscious, I then drag them into the hole and use a knife to cut them into parts which I sell to some churches and some ready buyers who indulge in ritual killing for easy money, and some times when I feel hungry  late in the night, I eat some parts for food.”

He confessed further that he sells the parts as follows: Heads 7,500, breast 1,500, penis 1000, hands and legs for 3,500.

A police source who pleaded anonymity confirmed that the suspect was in the custody of the Badagry police division.


  1. Stop blaming d man, you should first ask wat are the CHURCHES doing with human parts? Please open your eyes and thoroughly find out who these monks and pastors that called themselves men of GOD are. Stop decievin urself, there r so many mysterious issues hidden in xtianity, am not condeming it or crictisizin it, u don’t dwell on d principles u find ur parents on cos they might b wrong that’s why we always go through different scriptures for d inevitable truth.

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