Boko Haram Crisis: Where Were You When I Visited Maiduguri? – OBJ Fires Back At Gen. Gowon

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has fired back at his former boss, Gen. Yakubu Gowon for calling his comments on the Jonathan administration’s handling of Boko Haram insurgency as ‘highly irresponsible.’

It would be recalled that two weeks ago at a book launch in Warri, Delta state in honour of  Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s 40th year in ministry, Obasanjo had called on President Jonathan to show more firmness in his handling of Boko Haram.

A week after Obasanjo made his comments, Gen. Gowon while speaking at the sidelines during a book launch, responded to the comments, saying, “Obasanjo is highly irresponsible to have made such comments about the present government. Many people have condemned what he (Obasanjo) did in Odi and Zaki Biam. So, it was irresponsible for him to defend it or accuse the present administration.”

But in a statement released yesterday, Obasanjo, speaking through his media assistant, Malam Garba Deen Mohammed, said that he showed his commitment to peace by leaving Abeokuta to Maiduguri to mediate with Boko Haram and threw a poser asking “Where was Gowon?”.

Quoting further from the statement, Obasanjo said, “There’s nothing irresponsible about my comments on the insecurity in Nigeria. I was only interpreting the reality. I expressed an opinion on the way the Boko Haram crisis is being handled and said if the current strategy is not working, then there has to be a change of strategy to achieve results. If the strategy were working, Boko Haram would have become a thing of the past by now.”

The statement further read: “In expressing my opinion, I drew from my personal experience. General Gowon can disagree with me without being insultive. Gowon’s comment is unkind, unfair, and unguarded.”

Apparently displeased by Gowon’s response, OBJ as he is fondly called, added that, “Just two weeks ago, the government of Borno State came out in the open to declare that it had been abandoned by the Federal Government. Why didn’t Gowon convince the Federal Government to help Maiduguri?

“Where was Gowon? Why has he not visited Maiduguri to solicit for peace? Is he not a leader of the North? What effort has he made to ensure an end to the crisis?”





  1. As a matter of fact, i suspect these so called nothern leaders are secretly preparing for a civil war that will split Nigeria into three parts. Because why do they obviously continue to lead our inexperienced president astray if they are not planning something wild ? Instead of them to support OBJ’s comments, they opposed him & continue pretending that everything is okay in their area. My question is that, what do they expect to happen if the christians in their region decide to vanquish everything with whatever cost

  2. Not only Gowon,whre is Ibb, Atiku, Buhari, etc. They just kept mum over the whole thing. Mr president be careful with these people unles they kill you the way they murdered AGU IRONSI. Who is deciving who? Nonsense!

  3. Mr obj ofcouse u r totally irresponsible,becos u v demolish d people of zakibiam and dat region of Odi in east so you want Gej to follow ur steps and wipe away d inocent souls in maiduguri,jus because your party PDP has brought in killings of por innocent souls in d country wit nufin show to d country as developmnt,you still want Gej to ask his millitary boys to clear maduguri empty wit no soul,God will never answer ur prayers,don’t 4get dia s GOD in nigeria,and he ll definately fetch out ol dis evil people behind dis. Killins ,spoiling d country,condeming d north and accusing islam and causing hatred to between muslims and dia christain brothers. Gowon u r right,history will never forget it self,we ll not kill innocent people of our nation just to help dem achieve dia hidden conspiracy,

  4. No wonder then Nigeria is the laughing stock in the committee of nations. What else could Nigeria have been- when the men who between two of them have ruled her for 20 years out of its 50 years as a republic are irresponsible sons of Belial?

  5. Gowon is irresponsible to say anything against OBJ for contributing in his own way to bring about peace and development to this country. OBJ when he was in power, he increased the salary of civil servants and brought about the existence of democracy to this country. Nigerians will never forget that.
    I dont know what Gowon did for this country, and instead of him to contribute to the existence of peace in this country, he is using abusive words on a man who is concerned about the situation of this country. SHAME ON YOU GOWON.

  6. masud, you talk with clear ignorance and lack of understanding. who are the innocents, those that have been murdered in cold blood by the boko haram or those u called our brothers. put yourself in the shoe of those killed, can their soul ever forgive you either for these statements. no one should be killed, that is the slogan but daily the boko harams send people to untimely grave. OBj or Gowon is not the issue at this point but a search for a peaceful solution which should involve change of strategy as the need arise.

  7. I have never for a second support OBJ with his altitude towards progress of Nigeria because he was in position to move Nigeria forward but he didn’t because of greediness and I don’t care altitude, but with this current situation going on in Nigeria, [ killing of innocents Nigerians & foreigners ] I advise and support OBJ’s idea. I only respect General Yakubu Gowon & Late General Tunde Idiagbon among all Nigerian past leaders.
    However, I advise General Yakubu Gowon to call attention of General Buhari, General Banbagida & co. to order because it is very shameful, if past Northern Leaders are still existing and all this killings are going on, what is the purpose of their existance ??? Vanity upon Vanity, all is Vanity. if General Yakubu, IBB, Buhari, etc Could open their EYES and innocents killings upon killings are going on, then it means they are all living DEADs because they should all be looking for the progress, unity and security of that Nation, “NIGERIA” than a past leader saying- “Nigeria would experience blood bath in 2015 come election”. Why not assist current Gorvernment instead of encouraging Crime in that Country, “NIGERIA” You all have Blood in your hands. Once again, ” you past Leaders, if you can not assist this current Government to tackle Boko-Harram, Stop financing & encouraging this ill-dispose organization. “Finally !!!!!! General Yakubu Gowon, I do not want you to lost your prestige & value and I personally want you to do something about this So-called Boko-harram because I Knew you can do it. I have a question for you, if am allowed. good-bye.


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