29-Year-Old Man Finds Married Couple making Love In The Bush, Violates Wife As Punishment

A 29-year-old cheeky villager, who fondled a married woman’s breasts in the presence of her husband, has been ordered to perform 210 hours of community service for indecent assault.

Stanley Siazanga of Kalonga village in Siabuwa was convicted of the charge despite his denials when he appeared before Binga resident magistrate Stephen Ndlovu last week.

However, Siazanga claimed he fondled the woman’s breasts as punishment after finding the couple having sex by the roadside. But the couple dismissed the claim as a lie, adding they had a valid marriage which was solemnised in 2009.

Prosecutor Bruce Maphosa told the court that on 5 October at 9pm, the complainant Dinah Rice (23) of Binga Training Centre and her husband Thabani Moyo were taking a walk along a bush path from Govera area last night when they met Siazanga.

Siazanga switched on his torch and flashed it on Rice’s face, quizzing her where she was going at night. Moyo interjected and asked Siazanga why he was harassing his wife. Siazanga then reached out for Rice’s breasts and menacingly fondled her while pushing Moyo away.

Moyo sought the intervention of his brother who was close by, prompting Siazanga to flee from the scene. The couple later reported the incident to police, leading to Siazanga’s arrest that same night.



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