Very Graphic Photos of Students Massacred At Federal Polytechnic, Mubi

Since news of the October 1 overnight attack on Federal Polytechnic, Mubi in Adamawa State, in Northern Nigeria broke out, the same questions ring out: Who are the men who perpetrated the act? For which reason? What will the government do to secure the lives of Nigerians? And, how soon will these victims and thousands of their family members who have been thrown into endless trauma get justice? Many citizens say they get more questions than answers.

This latest killing coincided with the marking of the 52nd year of Nigeria’s Independence.

As at the time of filing in this report, several students are fleeing Mubi while many are stranded. Report say the school has been shut indefinitely as the Adamawa State government has also imposed a 24-hour curfew.

Adamawa State Police Command spokesman, Ibrahim Mohammed, DSP, confirmed that 25 dead bodies have  so far been deposited at the General hospital, Mubi. He also stated that the figure is likely to rise as security agents continue to mop up the incident area.

A lecturer who spoke with News Bytes on the grounds of anonymity confirm that many lecturers plan on resigning immediately to relocate to other parts of the country considered safer to live in, in the hope of getting another job or securing another lecturing appointment.

Source: Newsbytes


  1. As the blood of abel cried for revenge and punished cain so will these students blood cried for avenge and punishment to all perpetrators of this evil acts in JESUS name

  2. God what is this country turning into? What does this people gain in killin a fellow human? God we are in ur hands o. May dia soul rest in perfect peace Amen. And may d souls of d people that did this have no peace till they are brought 2 book Amen

  3. the perpetrators of the act cannot regarded as human.if they were and blood is flowing in their veins they could not have acted as callously as this.their act is inhuman!

  4. If it’s true this gruesome killings has to do with campus election, then it means the perpetrators acted on examples of do or die elections their fathers, uncles, in the NASS perticipated in. What a shame. The leaders of tomorrow are even worse than the old brigades. Even in terms of greed, corruption, selfishness, unpatrotism. Who will solve the toxic and corrosive problems in Nigeria?

  5. All dis people commenting and even d media also encourage dis devil incarnates 2 continue 2 pepertrate d act. What has nigeria got 2 do wit such evil acts? Dis are individuals and each time der do dis ppl blame it on d govt or nigeria. Go 2 d point. D act is bad weda d govt is gud or not.

  6. May their soul rest in perfect peace, oh Allah expose who ever was behind this atrocity, punish them hard in this world and make their after life even more severe. This is an advice to people walahi if you see strange people queuing you up or trying to force you into some place just fight for your life dont wait to know what will happen at the end, it might be well but i dnt advice you to wait for that. We are in a period of uncertainty.

  7. Mubi as a town is full of evil and deadly human beings. This may sound unbelievable but those of us who have tasted of their heinous crimes know what goes on that town. It is not just an incidence but rather a practice supported, encouraged and backed up with the connivance of constituted authorities. If we can go on the history lane; was ‘Boko Haram’ settlement not formerly in Mubi? Was a Chief Lecturer of Engineering Department of this same Polytechnic not brutally murdered, dismembered and buried without recourse to his family members till date? What of the Bank attacks? Who and who were arrested or tried by the Police in connection with any crime of this magnitude in Mubi till date? NONE! !! !!! This is not then surprising BUT the truth is MUBI WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE UNTIL THE SPIRIT OF THESE INNOCENT SOULS ARE AVENGED!

  8. If it is election the looser should be arrested and if it is boko haram how did they got the list which means the looser has connection with bh and where are the security officials? The meaning of the whole thing is dat the bad head is aided by nigerian security force

  9. It is only those who think that killing of non-adherents of their faith and have reward in ‘paradise’ can commit this barbaric crime against fellow human beings who God created in His own image. It is very unfortunate that parents struggle to bring up the young ones who have enormous potentials for this country, only for some beasts who are of no use to the society to cut them down in their prime. The moslems in this country have bred monsters as their foot soldiers to eliminate Christians in the north out of envy and bigotry. God will certainly avenge the blood of the innocnet souls unless they repent from their evil ways. Believe it not many muslims are happy about the killings of Christians un the north.

  10. in 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, this is the prophecy, i saw NIGERIA parting in pieces, everybody going to their own way, thats to say that nigeria will experience division from now as a nation.

  11. @ tsinghitsi ohdu as a true moslem, i strongly disagree wit u. Our holy book discourages moslems frm taking any soul be it dat of moslems or of other faith. Moslems who engage in taking lives do so purely 4 reasons best known 2 dem and their sponsers but not 4 Islam. Whats happening i quess is purely politics and by the tym they kill everybody, i wonder who they will rule. But God will not allow those with blood on their hands 2 rule us!

  12. It’s terrible! what has this country turn into? i believe those who committed this act are possessed with demons. Nevertheless, the wicked will never go unpunished. May the Lord give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  13. It is time for Nigerians to ask these questions.1.why must these attacks be prevalent in Adamawa state,Niger state,Borno state and Kano state?2.Are these states not the same states where Atiku,Babangida and other top political opponents come from?.3.Why not look for the sponsors of gboko haram by arresting some of these opponents whose states of origin has become bomb factories.?4.Where did the gboko haram members get money to build bomb factories?Can’t JTF intorogate these suspects arrested to speak up?Can’t Mr.President arrest his Opponents who have promised him ungovernable state?Why not the christians and the students leave these troublesome northern states and concentrate down south?Why not the pastors go to their home towns to build churches and win the lost souls in their villages and not exposing people to denger in Northern towns?

  14. This is inhumanity, quiet unfortunate for the victims. Only God Almighty have the answer. As we condemn this, who knows what will happen next, all we need to do is to pray to God for his divine protection and mercy till thy Kingdom come. Human government have failed from the family to the society and world in general.

  15. This act was no body other than the Boko Boys. They have sworn to divide the nation. This is most a new thing to us. Stop blaming the government. Some big wig in northern Nigeria have vow to frustrate this present government and that is why su h is happening. May God help us to learn our lesson to live in peace and harmony in Nigeria amin.


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