Update: Police Reveal Alleged Victim Of Race Attack Actually Set Herself On Fire, Scrawled KKK

A black woman who claimed she was a victim of race-hate nad had been set on fire staged the attack, the police have said.

Cops in Louisiana said the woman also scrawled KKK on her own car. An FBI spokesman, Kyle Hanrahan said: “The wounds were self-inflicted”. police in Shreveport also revealed on Tuesday that they found Ms Moffitt’s DNA on the can of lighter fluid used to burn her and her fingerprints on the cigarette lighter that was used to start the fire.

Victim: Sharmeka Moffitt
The motive for her self-immolation or blaming her injuries as the handiwork of apparent white supremacists is not clear but Sharmeka Moffitt, 20, who was seriously burned in the incident that was widely reported, remains in critical condition.

It would be recalled that Sharmeka had called police from a park in the town of Winnsboro on Sunday night and told them three men in white hoodies doused her with a flammable liquid and ignited it.

The letters KKK, for the white supremacist organisation Ku Klux Klan, and a racial slur were scrawled on her car in what appeared to be toothpaste and the FBI was called in to assist local authorities because the incident was initially considered a possible hate crime.


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