UNEC Students Protest Hike In Tuition Fees… Disrupt Academic Activities

Students of the Enugu Campus of the University of Nigeria (UNEC) earlier today thronged the main gate of the foremost university’s entrance to protest the sudden sharp increment in their tuition fees.

One student at the scene of the protest said, “We in FHST (Faculty of Health Science and Technology) are now told we’ll be paying 46,650K against the 31,650 we paid last year. And they claim it is for the lousy lionet (campus internet service) even those that don’t have laptops are being made pay and not use the network. And besides, it’s so slow!”

According to most students, the story is the same and the consensus is unanimous – they are not going back to the classrooms until the N12,000 increase is reversed by the University administration.

As at four hours ago, the first gate which is the major entrance to the school has been blocked and there is heavy presence of security to forestall the crisis from escalating.


  1. Indeed things are falling apart. Our leader has no interest of their followers. But I want to tell them that all hands are not equal. Our dear VC please what do you mean by N12,000 internet fee? It is for those that has laptop that lives in school or for who? I suggest that this internet money of a thing should be optional. Note. Our university conprises rich, average and poor people. Considerus all. Thanks.


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