Remove Subsidy, or Fuel Scarcity will Persist – Fuel Marketer

As Nigerians continue to groan under the anguish occasioned by the scarcity of fuel in the country, a marketer of the product has hinted that the scarcity might continue if the government insists on interfering in the regulation of petrol price.

The marketer in question, Managing Director of Matrix Energy Limited, Alhaji Abdulkabir Aliu has stated that petroleum product scarcity would continue unless the Federal Government allows market forces to determine product prices. He therefore appealed to the Federal Government to remove subsidy as it had no business getting involved in subsidy payment, just as he called on the government to properly investigate the subsidy scam and bring any dealer found culpable to book.

Aliu was addressing the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Downstream sector led by its Chairman, Dakuku Peterside at the company premises at Ifiekporo, Warri, Delta State, Aliu alleged that the Federal Government is owing the company N5 bilion, a condition that has rendered it incapable of further importing fuel to ease the situation in the country.

According to him, Matrix normally loads up to a 100 trucks per day before May
2012 when they stopped importation due to the alleged debt owed the company by the government. He said that currently, only NNPC imports about 95 per cent of petroleum products in the country.


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