R Kelly ‘Hip-hopera’ Trapped In The Closet Returns

Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly known as R. Kelly has revealed the release date for the brand new episodes of his Trapped In The Closet series titled Trapped In The Closet: The Next Installment. Kelly told TIME that 20 new video chapters of the popular series will arrive the day after thanksgiving.

“We just shot 20 chapters. They’ll be coming out the day after Thanksgiving. Trapped in the Closet is forever. I’ve got like a hundred chapters to come.”

Trapped in the Closet, a series of music videos by R. Kelly that defined the ‘hip-hopera’ genre, is to return after five years.

Kelly released the first 12 chapters of Trapped in the Closet in 2005. He went on to release chapter 13-22 in 2007. He released Trapped in the Closet (The Big Package) chapter 1-22 in 2007.

R. Kelly plays Sylvester in the series, a man who in the first episode cheats on his wife, Gwendolyn, with a woman named Cathy. Cathy pushes him into a closet, setting off a chain of reactions that rely mostly on the cast’s inability to stay faithful to each other.

IFC, the US Cable channel that will air 20 new episodes of the series has promised that Rufus, Cathy, Gwendolyn, Bridget, Big man Rosie the Nosy Neighbour, Twan and Pimp Lucius will be back for the new installmennts.


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