Police Confirms Aluu4 Were Set Up

The murder of four University of Port Harcourt students by a mob in Aluu community in Rivers State has so far been justified by some people who believed the victims were actually criminals, but a statement by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar has confirmed one of the stories we’ve heard about what went down in Aluu community the day the four UNIPORT students were murdered.

In a statement yesterday where the IGP excused the police’s non-intervention in the murder despite getting to the scene on time, he said the victims were not robbers, but they were set up by a man named Coxson Lelebori Lucky who was owing one of the victims an undisclosed sum of money.

Reports say 21 suspects have already been arrested by the police.

Now that it has been confirmed that the victims were not robbers and one of them was actually owed, how do you plead for justifying their murder?


  1. In a sane society all that has role to play, from the community leader, to the police force, up to the commissioner should all be stripped of their titles and locked up while the investigation of their roles are investigated.
    That this man is there making their usual out of book analysis and assumption of what may have happened and in effect protecting their gangs is simply sick in itself.
    A place where life has no meaning nor being respected, you may be alone to be thinking on this direction as I am. Before you know it, it will be forgotten as thousands of other bigger killings will take over the attention.

  2. Is reali a nude stories dis is medicine afta death is a pity @ al minute i gat blurre abt d LYNCHED of dos guys.may der soul R.I.P.

  3. this is quite unfortunate!! An average police is only corcerned about how to make money…. These young men were burnt to dearth under their nose…..teke, ugoo,……rip

  4. Police are not justify to kill or use there fire arm anyhow not to talk of civilian that take law to there hand.i trust the present IG,he will do something about it.if they are found guilty(accuse person)they must be kill the way they did to that student.they killed them with there glory.it’s very painful how they were beat death because i wacth the vedio.

  5. The number of Policemen and equipment is grossly inadequate making their capacty to respond to such situations weak.Police community relation committee should also be strengthened


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