PHOTOS: Three UNIPORT Students Brutally Beaten And Burnt Alive In Port Harcourt

Three students of the University of Port Harcourt Ugonna, Aladdin and Chidiaka were this morning badly beaten and burnt alive by residents of Aluu community for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off campus hostel.
The unarmed students all in their early 20s were beaten tied up and burnt without their attackers taking any measures to verify the charge against them or taking them to the police.
The incident was filmed and photographed by many of the onlookers who watched with glee as the students were being burnt. The photos and videos of the event which happened today have already been circulated widely.

What do you think about the prevailing trend of jungle justice in Nigeria?


  1. 2 d killers does dis mean dat non of u guys hd ever stlen b/4? each nd everyone of u will surely die dis same way. cos he who killed by d sword dies by d sword am vry sure one of u will go stealing vry soon. Haba dis is not fair i mean its 2much.

  2. If u knw u hv no sin in u, cast the first stone and who ever did,lie not to man but unto the holy spirit which can never be forgiven….For the same measure u kill,u shall die also…. Wicked pple of port harcourt!

  3. God will jugde those dat killed those boys. Bcos of labtop nd phone dat why they killed life Dat GOD created. Ask thoes people dat killed those boys weather if they ve not stealing before. The sins of those boys will b on the head of those dat killed those boys nd theri generation will suffer dis

  4. I am ashamed to say I hail from a country such as this. The stone ages is more civilized than Nigeria! What a disgrace to modern societal standards! When Nigeria builds tall buildings and drives big foreign cars, it still does not negate the fact that it is a JUNGLE. Oh gosh! I am really ashamed.

  5. ‘He without sin cast the first stone’ this quote came directly from the greatest man to walk this earth. I am not condoning their wrong acts, but the fact remains that no one has the right to sentence them to death in such horrific ways! Even if it was my phones and laptops that they stole, I would never wish death upon them. The people who burnt them alive traded material things for human life! Their judgement awaits them. RIP

  6. These culprits should be dealt with according to the law. Granted that those guys truly stole laptop and phone, why can’t they report them to the police? Who is there to bear witness? Definitely, those who burnt them have ulterior motive for doing this. It it more than the case of stealing… and they should rot in jail.


  8. Have u eva heard a precious possession like Laptop filled with all vital information that will change ur life? Imagine some1 walks in and steal it from u. If d person have more opportunity to ur life, he will snuff it off and steal all ur belongings. Pls, stop stealing so dat people will stop Jungle Justice.
    As for me, i will do jungle Justice. I was a victim of robbering severally. No pity for the thief. Catch and KILL.

  9. What a hell! Hw could phacourt pple be so wicked! This is barbaric. How could u burn human being like alive? NO….NO….NO… This is 2 far. Remember that no sinner will ever go unpunished. May have mercy on you.

  10. To say that I am from a country where there is so much hatred! There is more to this than jungle justice. The perpetrators of this heinous crime know that these young lads are of Igbo decent. Since after the war people from this area where this crime was committed see themselves as ENEMIES of Igbo people, and decided to destroy these young Ibo lives. Just the way no one intervened to save them, so will God and his angels turn their backs at you spectators. To all your prayers:REQUEST DENIED!


  12. Dis is realli a vry wicked act? Cos of laptop&phones dere r wayz of punishing thieves nt by beatin&burnin alive 4 god sake wat is dis country turning into; those pple dat burt 3 students alive u guys wil never go unpunished u dnt take law into ur hands even if nigeria is law less u guyz r heartless stupid wicked watever is been pronounces has curse is 4 u guys dat did dis»»»GOSH

  13. The writer of this story needs to get a life ASAP, because the story line isn’t
    True. These guys are cultists. They were supposed to hold a meeting with another cult crew in Aluu at 4:30 am this morning.But, this other crew reported them to the Vigilante in Aluu. So, that’s how they met their waterloo.
    Aladin’s father is a highly ranked Naval officer and the other guys are rich too.they aren’t thieves. Though everyone in this story is at fault, with the cultists at the receiving end the most. God will judge us all

  14. Well d deed has bin done. The question is what nxt? I think the police n those in authority shld try n enlighten the people not to take laws into their hands no matter wht. Also we shld no dat we ar in d last days were d luv of many will wax cold.

  15. Nyema n Smally,shame on u two. I hav bin robbed too bt death is nt d way to go. It cud hav been someone related to u,think abt it. Humans can b so barbaric.

  16. Nyema and Smally…I think you both are crazy. I’m saying this with no regret.
    To start with these guys are not theives as the story reported. But even though if they were, killing them in cold blood isn’t the right judgement. That’s why we have police officers. Haven’t u “two” ever stolen before?
    “Let he who’s without sin be the first to cast the stone”-Jesus Christ
    Everyone deserves to get a second chance. If we all are to be judged by you both’s instincts, there would be no one to be left on earth.
    You “two” should hang your heads in shame for belittling humans life this much.

  17. Dnt rili knw wat 2 say, buh 2 of these guys were ma classmates, d police shud hv been beta, buh God is watching, u jst can tk d laws into ur own hands and go scot free, God wil surely judge d killers, rest in peace, tipsy and big L.

  18. we have a law but we dnt abide with the law,pple take laws into there hands manythings is been happening in dis country and up till now nothing is done according to this story those student stole phone and laptop and they’re seriously beaten and even burnt this is unfair boko haram is killing there own and we FOOLS here are still killing without using our sense why let this stop dis killing pls the goverment are sitting down somewhere with there children stealing our money and we are here killing ourselfs….

  19. it is not that i support this form of killing bt I wish all those sympathizing with those rogues are residents of ALuu then they would have known wat led to such event…i mean people ar being machetted, raped and brutalised after being stoled from…i once lived there and I knw most times I don’t sleep at night and sometimes I do go to ALAKIAHA bcus it’s safer there.

  20. Wole..your not talking fact, if is a cult crew there partner @ aluu will not allow that, the truth is always bitter, the police are not doing there jobs that’s why they tooks laws into there hands. For those supporting the thieves I pray they visit you tonight, rape u̶̲̥̅̊ and collect your money, if possible shoot you.

  21. I hate thieves wit a passion,i hate heartless people who bring tears to the eyes of many,to satisfy their own desires. Much more,i hate humans who see nothing wrong in taking life. However,two wrongs can‘t make a right nd even killing dem has nt made the thieves actions excusable…. Endtime is here nd judgement awaits all!

  22. OMG!! Dis is too much for crying out loud!!.were are police wen dis incident happen? Dis is painfull infact too bad. Ar dey caut wit gun,dey ar nt armrober 4God sake!hahaha!! I cnt bear dis pain. God judgement is commg ur way very soon.bastard pple.e ni se orire

  23. Evn a thief or armed-robber remains innocent until otherwise provn by d judge in a court of law…Why this jungle justice…?Nigeria…I hail thee…!

  24. well, whom to blame in this situations? if i may ask, who sent them to go and steal phone and laptop? there parent or lecturer? My dear, they sent you to school to study not to steal, Many are crying over i news but when they attack you, you will not find mercy on them.. Remember he who kill by the sword will die by the sword. things do not just happen like that, it may come from them…. well may there soul rest in peace and MERCIFUL GOD SHOULD HAVE MERCY ON THEM. AND HE WHO PLAN EVIL AGAINST THE INNOCENT WE SURELY FOUND THIS.

  25. D police hv 2 find those criminals that killed Ugonna aladdin & Chidiaka and the court of law should jail them atleast 20yrs…or else this jungle justice will keep on prevailing, it may even evolve 2 community conflict if a measure has not been taken.

  26. Its quite unfortunately to read a sad story such as dis and having watch the pictures of dis handsome souls being taken by some wicked mind al in d name of stupid/material nonsense. It cud have been any of dem bcox he whoso ever has d hrt 2 kill also possess d mind of stealing. My God will judge u guyz dat took souls created by d creator.

  27. @Adam even in d civilised nation where they use sharia law you can’t find people with chopped hand because a thief hv 2 b warned (jailed many many times) befor her or his hand is been chopped, this is in order 2 help him & others from d harmfull arms he posses …GOD is most merciful, most great.

  28. This’s too brutal!taking judgement to one hand is a serious crime to God&man.The mob didn’t realize at all that all have sinned&come short the glory of God,the judgement is far greater than their iniquity.

  29. Mr Truth, pls read my comment again! I didn’t say those who report them are
    In the same crew. I would have sounded more harsh to you but
    Ur words were soft. Are u a student of uniport? No. Were you there when the incident happened? No…Were these guys found with arms??? No!!! Were they thieves for real???? Damn it! A big No!!! Again!!!
    So, shut the fuck up if u know nothing about the story!
    May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  30. May God have mercy on the souls of the dearly departed and may he also have mercy on all those that had hands on the killings of this young men,,the bible says let he who has no sin cast the first stone and that means there is none holy so we as humans are not mandated to take any life …please nigerians we are not barbarians portharcourt stop this amd let us be civil in our dealings with people why this is horrible and uncalled for

  31. If they were indigenes of Aluu communities, would tjey still have been burnt? Two wrongs never make a rigj therefore since ‘farouk’ has already been killed ‘otedola’ must also be punished

  32. U said they are nt thieves but cultist.
    Which 1 is beta? A cultist is given an assignment to kill and steal at the same time. Please, the earlier we cut these feathers off the beta 4 our country Naija. The BIG THIEVES we have in govt. 2day started like this. If u mercy for dem, u are destined to die prematurely in their evil hands.
    I hv neva stolen, i swear. My parents did a nice job in training me. If u excuse them, u’ll execute urselves.

  33. what right do man have to take anothers life unjustly,the law which provides a stiff measures for suspects dont presume their liability/guilt until proved,the attackers just intended their end not for justice to take place,their soul was taken not by justice but by unkind,unlawful hand of injustice and violent men…it’s soo bad.

  34. Is very appauling. After 20yrs of trying to have a Son nd someone tels u dat due to stealing,they burnt ur son. Is disgusting, people takin laws into their hands, if am d parents of those children i wil nt take it lightly wit them oo.

  35. dis is 2 tell u dat going 2 sch is not 4 stealing but 4 studying. y must u go 2 sch & start robry ur felow human in d name of cutist. all cutist shud b were dat one day d original cut in 1969 wil begin 2 act & all dis brutal killing wil stop. cutist is nt 4 stealing but 4 proteting der felow students.
    am so mush ashame of many people who joined cut in d name of feling big & fear. stupid people, rubish, nonesence.
    if i cut u as a cultist, u ar dead & u must DIE BY IT IF U DONT REPENT NOW. Oh God

  36. the way a society address issue shows their level of understanding… This indeed is a show of barbarism and ignorance of people of Aluu, Port Harcourt and also some other parts in the east n the west where petty thieves are killed outrightly without verification of allegation or prosecution through legal means. It is irritating and animalistic. Yet you dont accept sharia law. Which could ve given them opportunity to be tried fairly and then subjected to appropriate punishment. Which may not ve been more than a supervised flogging by constituted authority.

  37. Its sad dat 4 individuals jus lost their lives ova act they didn’t commit. They were jus unfortunate kids @ d wrong place @ d wrong time. Witnessed d action was bizarre.

  38. Omg….i wept wen i saw this pictures…
    They where beaten..that is fair n understable
    But..Y ‎​ will they burn them,just because ǿſ phones n laptops
    Its not as if they killed some1
    This is just too bad
    As in very very bad

  39. Alex, onyema and smally, God will punish you fools for. Saying there deserve this kind of justice! So illiterates like you still loom around in this civilized world! THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS KIND OF JUSTICES! They didn’t kill anyone! The hands that did this will met the same fate!

  40. Vigilante my foot!!! They should comb the streets of surulere and go and kill the real criminals that roam the streets on bikes with guns in their pocket looking for who to steal from during the day and at night, or even the touts around orile and mile 2 axis who knock on windows of cars in traffick and demand for our hard earned money!! May the blood of these undergraduate torment them forever!!!!!!

  41. Common Guys, we all went to higher institution in Nigeria, Nobody, I repeat nobody has the balls to kill someone bcus they stole laptops and phones, its a white lie. D writer of the article needs to investigate the story, haba! Laptops and phones, its a Lie. Let’s not give our country a bad name, this boys could have been cult members, they might have killed before, can’t u see their faces, they feel no remorse. Personally I don’t support jungle justice but to an extent, I do, bcus if any of u here have or has lost any of your family to armed robbery, I mean if armed robbers have killed any of your family before, you wouldn’t existate to join d jungle justice brutality. Everything still ends up blaming our Govt, bcus this is a huge blow to their face, “graduate stealing” if the govt had provided jobs for them, would they be stealing. If your support my point follow me on twitter @Euronaire

  42. if dis guys were my friend’s i will give no rest to that community untill i burnt the community down….does it means no mercy of law….dats means all the politician dat is stealing more higer than them should be kill immdety…dat should understand they are student for christ sake…after all them did not kill any body….now the community have kill them wat is d gain now…wat is happening will countinu be happaning….am not happy with dis….

  43. What kind of life are we living in, how can they just killed them ju
    st like that, that is cruel and inhuman. God said He does not want the death of a sinner but to repent and give there life to Him, why do they have to
    put law into there hands. All of the culprits should be brought to book. And if they think nobody can do them anything, God will surely ……….. Because if God deal with us according to our sin nobody will remain on earth today.

  44. its only students that belongs to a cult will have d mind to rob their fellow students,anybody who chose to rob must face d music,it doesn’t matter how d music was played,an environment that there is robbery incidents every week n u say those that are caught shuld not b killed but handed over to d police so dat their parents will pay money for their release? Let’s b realistic here,the sentence for armed robbery is death by hanging n d residents of that area simply constituted a court,tried n convicted them n they got d death penalty period.if u have ever been robbed,u will feel me,I hav been robbed n I will kill any one I catch.

  45. I am a Doctor, I’ve seen many terrible things in my line of practice but after viewing these pictures and reading the little information available on the issue, it has just refused to leave my mind.What a senseless waste of human lives.There is a reason people in the developed world do not believe in capital punishment even for the most evil of criminals, not to mention unarmed, maybe not career criminals. May the souls of these boys rest in peace.As we wait to learn more about what happened, may it not turn out that they were innocent .

  46. Smally! Are u sure you’re human? No, you’re not, in my own opinion. So, you’ve actually never stolen before? Can u pass a lie dectective machine test? If I handle you for 5mins, you’re going to tell me all the lies you’ve told before, all the things you’ve stolen. A truth finder injection would do.
    You know what? You don’t deserve to be amongst us, “we humans”. I can now see the reason why you have no pity on these people, because you’re not human, you’ve never stolen before, you’re a saint, you’ve never lied before. Alas!!! You just lied by saying you’ve never stolen…You’re really out of your mind! No one is perfect, mate! Accept it that you’re judgement is wrong and ask for God’s forgiveness

  47. Ds Smally person Is sooo annoying. Ur parents trained u well indeed……..u r a fool.hw cud u support such killing? If dey wr ur siblings wud u b sayn dat? Dz guys were unarmed 4 christ’s sake…….evn if dey stole billions dey shud hv bn taken 2 d police……av experiencd series of robbery attacks in aluu bt I stl dnt tnk dey shud die lyk dis……….wot if dz boys r innocent?…………..who Eva supports ds act of jungle justice is a wicked person….funny enof most ppl sayn dey deserv wot dey got are yahoo boys( how den shud u die) knowing u v stolen more?????

  48. These peaple are so wicked killing student because of laptop and phone,it means you don’t have the fear of god in mind can’t you see our leader stealing billions of naira which they are pompus that nothing will happen. If such incident occure you support to andle them to the the police.this people should not go like let the face the music.

  49. The crime committed against the accused is inestimable compared to what they (are accused to have) committed. If I could, I would willingly give my laptop and phones to bring these total strangers back to life. I feel we have lost our humanity as a people. This sort of babarism has been happening for decades in certain parts of the country where accused thieves are (rightly or wrongly) meted jungle justice to the delight of onlookers and without the intervention of the police to ensure law and order.

  50. I believe there’s more to this.y cant ppl use their sense those dat killed those students in alu can definitely do worse and will never no peace.whether students or cultist ppl shouldnt take law into their hands.and we blame bokoharam,call muslims terrorist. The end is near,may God help us

  51. Smally nd Nyema.tink u guys shld b more careful nd sensitive wft ur judgements wen it comes 2 human life.nd Alex nd johnny i tink ur judgements is base on ur mentality which is due 2 un-exposure to civilization!just pray d plague dat wil b4 those perpetrators 4rm ppls’s pain wil nt b4 u guys.4rm ur judgements if u guys wer present in dat scene u wld av also hit dem 2 death!!a hrt dat can pass such judgements like dis 2 human wld also av d hrt 2 do worst………

  52. In response to Adele ,that talked about facing the music.It is not about jungle justice or not , the main point is burning innocent people to death mistakenly, for that reason alone people should never take the law into there own hands.

  53. Sin begat death. The soul that sinneth shall die. If they value their lives enough they would not think of stealing what is not theirs as against what brought the to school to study.

  54. This is absurd and unfair. The police should watch the video and look at the pictures and arrest all those that did the beating and burning of the suspects. They don’t have any right to take laws into their hands. They should be arrested and prosecuted for murder.

  55. I stayed in Aluu for 3 years..and it was hell. we get robbed twice a week at times..especially during the ember(sept, oct, nov, dec) months.. Most students in uniport have a story 2 tell about aluu and the robbery that goes on there..its terrible. i had to park out early this year. i have to say this, i think its karma that caught up with these guys for all the wrong they’ve been doing..who knows they might have been doing it for a while or maybe this was their first. but whatsoever, i hope this serves as a lesson to other up-coming robbers. the students and Community of Aluu are tired! Choba police station only cares about extorting innocent students, so the people have to take laws in their hands. I was a victim for 3 years so i guess u understand my plight..

  56. That is jungle justice in a jungle democracy and jungle religious system in Jungle Nigeria for you. The politicians introduced jungle politics since time imo river; the army took over with jungle force, murdered Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu bello, Akintola, Okotie Eboh, Ironsi, Fajuyi. The NASS, GOVs, Police and Judiciary, Banks, CBN, Industries all practice jungle looting, killing, rigging, etc. So the Aluu/Ikwerres have joined UNIMAD Mubi killing spree; next will be RSUT, NDU, DELSU, UNN, UNILAG, ABU,UNIBEN, IGBENIDION, REDEEMERS, OKIJA. Who really are students after JAMB, POST JAMB 10yrs non graduating stay at UNIPORT?

  57. Is unfotunat. Dey went out 2steal laptops and phones, material tins, but evi peopke hav end up stolen their lives. God help!

  58. Cme, dat smally person shud STFU dere, Barbarian…..Go A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ gve ur life 2 Christ n begin 2 value life dat God has created……No matter d crime D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥’ve committed, its stated in d Bible, NO ONE has right 2 take a life made by God, except God! D killers won’t go unpunishd for dier sin is automatically worse dan d sins of d victims n D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥’ll b accordingly judged!!!! #Word

  59. jst stil nt satisfied wt d information giving. coz dont think one would go rubbin anoder unharmed. if it turns out to be true. den am shading tearssssssssssss

  60. Haba…dis is ‘WRONG’,cos of a fone n lappy???dey indirectly jst used dis folks as sacrifice 4sumfin n dey sayin is cos dey Stole”evn if is BBporche2 n Iphone 10 WTF!!!may der souls rest in peace””may d group oof persons. Dat killed dem rot in Helll n dine wif lucifer…mscheeeeeew

  61. God will surely punish all those dat were involved I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ murdering dis promising young lads. Pls let the police make some arrest and investigate dis murders and if possible charge dem †Φ court. For murder. Stupid people una wey steal nigerian oil up and down y nigeria neva burn una alive? Mtsheew oil bunkerers!!!. The souls of these boys will surely haunt u down. Amen

  62. This absolute rubbish,those guy dat did such must go the same way,this is not a case dat shud b thrown to the trash,absolute nonsense,killing young men in such a gruesome matter is outrageous.

  63. Well, its just what the situation and circumstances have for the day. People like getting religious and tribalistic when things like this comes up. If you refuse to hand over your valuable to them. What do you think will happen to you? young boys and girls these days just want to get rich without considering the people and families they have put into untold hardship. You want cars, houses and girls at your disposal. Just take 2 minutes to think of what their victims are passing through. i can’t they deserve it or do not deserve it. Its what the people they terrorise have for them. Many of them have been reported and handed over to the police/authorities and they are later released. And when they are out, they finger those that aided their arrest and pay them back with death.

  64. I lv dat. Let odas use it as a lesson 4 them. If they should gt similar tin in futo. O my God i will b d 1st 2 set them on tyre. U ve really tried.

  65. In as much as what the boys did was wrong, the way and manner they were executed was uncalled for. I believe in tampering justice with mercy, even Jesus said ”let he that have no sin be the first to stone the adultrous woman to death” but alas no one could cast a stone on her because in one way or the other, the verdict cum jungle justice that wud have condemn her equaly condemn all her accusers.

  66. Mehn this absolute bulshirt!! Although am not supporting evil anyway but, but the school authority should interfere on this matter to avoid more lost lives, cos i recall what happened in Absu far back when such incident occurred, mehn its wasn’t easy my people, so lets not just see it as ” criminals or Cultism but as a matter of importance cos this guyz re from a community nd nobody knows, think of it these said community have their children schooling elsewhere and re curlist too, so school should do something before it turns to war, Game men knows wat i mean

  67. Firstly, I would say dis is pure injustice and actions like dis shouldn’t happen in a civilised country. Secondly, I think the perpetrators of this evil acts should be probed because, anyone heartless enough to beat a fellow human to a pulp like this, and set three young boys ablaze regardless of their sins can equally pass for the thieves and murderers in that community. As a point, I think people in that community should be more scared of the so called vigilantes. I would have prayed that the vigilantes be burnt alive too, but the madness needs to stop. I pray the young souls RIP as opposed to their killers.

  68. Burning them into ashes is not the best option rather they are supposed Τ̅☺ be taken Τ̅☺ the law enforcement angency who would give them the appropriate punishment meant for such offence becos there are people who committed an offence heavier than this and their were not Burnt. Above all, bible is against this.

  69. Those guys fuck-up but the people that burn them are wicked.The police should go to the community & start massive arrest b/cos if u investigate it very well,it can be a setup.First of all,they were not armed.May be those guys that burn them,have been targetin them.What ever u sow….(pls,people remember God in every action u want 2 take).

  70. When the law of choppin off the hands of thieves was made to follow, most people say it was merciless & barbaric. When people act this way to stop others from stealing & robbering, u said it is barbaric. When the police arrest, collect bride &allows the culprits to go unpunished, u still lament. When the robbers & thieves escape frm prisons & go back to take the lives of those who judged them, u are filled with terror.
    I wil not support d killings &d stupid arrests of d police which has no positive impact, but I WIL SAY, LET’S AL GO BACK TO THE COMMANDMNTS OF GOD ALMIGHTY

  71. Everybody is attacking and rendering abuses on those that killed those armed robbers in Portharcourt forgetting the fact that such killing must have resulted by the experience of that neighborhood.
    Have you people thought about the terrifying nights the neighborhood suffered in the hands of those robbers?
    Have you thought about the the feelings of the neighborhood when their daughters were raped by those robbers?
    Have you thought about how many lives have been taken away by those robbers in that neighborhood?
    Have you thought about properties that the neighborhood have lost to the robbers?
    Those are the things we should all think before criticizing the neighborhood’s judgement on the robbers.
    We all know such judgement is bad but lets consider the experiences of the neighborhood in the hands of these robbers and also try to put ourselves in the shoes of the neighborhood before passing condemnation on the act.

  72. Dis is wat a literature studnt calls*man’s inhumanity to man*dis iz inhuman,its uncalled 4 nd its nt fair haba!!!we all knw dat stealin iz bad but killin dem iz not d right judgemnt,may God 4give d killers,d killed nd even we dat re readin nd commentin cuz no1 is INNOCENT.

  73. Whether or not they were thieves does not justify this sort of “justice”. A society that condone this sort of behaviour will have to bear the consequence of their action. “Na we dey profess christianity, churches springing up everywhere, yet its core principle – divine love, we fail live out…shame!” Before we are quick to blame the government and the justice system in Nigeria, lets think about our actions…how much of it is based on divine love and not selfishness? Maybe when we have truely repented and changed our ways, thereafter we can put the government and the justice system right. No one in these modern times should die in such a way!

  74. Adele,don,splendid nd deji even if u had experiences watever.dey are still oda ppl dat wnt thru even worst experiences den u but still said dey didn’t wish such death 4 wat are we sayin here atlist dey didn’t kill anybody.wat if day wer related 2 any1 of u guys.or hu in diz world at 1 point in tym neva thought or even doin somtin like dat b4…den y did Jesus come 2 die 4 our sins?wat if it waz even a false accusation cus dey didn’t look hungry…

  75. well said dammy and don…. all you others sayin its bla bla bla bla, i pray u dont witness such experience of armed robbery, i am no saint but i believe there is more to it…. this is a lesson to all others… i remain anonymous!

  76. it is absolutely man’s inhumanity to man. How can they kill their fellow student becaise of phone and laptop. Politicians are stealing millions and billions and nobody has killed them. He who is without sin be the first to stirke

  77. Make una listen! Armed robbery is not only when u steal with a gun,it includes stealing with a dangerous weapon or anything that will instill fear on ur victim,those guys were caught in d act,they are not innocent,una de pity them because na fine boys,come n stay in Aluu n feel d heat from these boys,pls stop given robbers d impetus to rob,some of una self de thief n de go soon catch una.

  78. Make una listen! Armed robbery is not only when u steal with a gun,it includes stealing with a dangerous weapon or anything that will instill fear on ur victim,those guys were caught in d act,they are not innocent,una de pity them because na fine boys,come n stay in Aluu n feel d heat from these boys,pls stop given robbers d impetus to rob,some of una self de thief n de go soon catch una.jungle justice is always a last option used by people when they are frustrated.

  79. All said and done…… Let it be passed into law that if you steal millions of tax payers money and impoverish more than 150 million Nigerians for your greedy aims and ambitions, then let your WHOLE generations and ancestral roots be cut off from the face of the earth. I dnt support crime but, for Pete’s sake, this is Barbaric.

    NIGERIANS are watching!!!!!!

  80. Nigeria is not a civilised country, all sorts of evils like adultry, animal s*x, armed robbery, misuse of small children etc. are all parts of the game in Nigeria. When the head is rotten,what do u expect from other parts of the body? It is a sad tale, only God can judge.

  81. I have said it over and over….this is one of the reasons why God is not happy with nigeria inspire of our prayers. The blood of pple being brutally killed is soiling our land, and God is not happy. We have a legal process in the country, and there are punishments that are commensurate with the crime. Religion leaders, community leaders, and every stakeholders, please beware.

  82. Same thing nearly happened in Naze timber market in owerri but with the intervention of police they were rescued,and latter found out they were innocent,jungle judgements is really bad,the national assembly should enact laws against this trends

  83. People shouldn’t take laws into their hands,wat if dose guys are innocent n if dey’re not,must we take laws into our hands,we have law enforcement agency all around,we shld allow dem do their jobs,wat a wicked world we live in,d govt shld put a stop to such a barbaric act

  84. D blood of these innocent boys shall be on their head now nd 4ever…. Amen
    nd they should b death with immediately…
    Fellow Nigerians, wat abt our Politicians who are sending dis country to her early grave? Let us b carefull ooo……………

  85. And this adele whoever, na Jehova go corner u…wtf are u saying? Were they f**king armed? Who told u they are the ones u’v been looking 4? Oo! U beta b a saint cos the day u steal as lil as a biro, that day will be ur f**king last

  86. This is crazy and evil, how could they do this to this boys when people siphoning and bleeding the economy and even stealing billions are meant to work free and even celebrated …..anyone caught involved in this murder should be hang and for those of you involved in taking this souls evil and sorrow will surely visit your home too. To the family of d deceased ………accept my deep sympathy

  87. dis is d most babaric video i have ever watched in my life, it is more than a crime against humanity rather a crime against GOD and Heven. for some reasons am beginning to think nigeria is slowly slipping into a nation of lawlessness and barbarism. i sincerly ask all the delegated authorities such as the police, to find justice for the families of these young men whose lives where cut short by those monsters of alliu irrespective of wht they were accused of doing.and for that fool by d name adele who posted his views i say a very big fuck uuuuuu and maybe u should have beign in their families shoes bastard!!!!!! idiot!!!!! bokoharam!!!!!!!…

  88. This is the highest level of man injustice to man. Those who pay evil with evil are worse done the devil himself and should live with the fact that there are now bearing the sins of those killed and their own sins together. God almighty will bring justice upon all those who had the ability to stop/prevent/protected such sickening act as they will live to face the consequence of their actions. May the souls of these four young men rest in peace for their sins have now been carried by their killers?

  89. The people of allu community are d demons in nigeria.nigerians pls we should all pray against and cast d people of allu community to were they belong bottomless pit.HELL!!! IJN. Nigeria will be a beta place without them.


  91. Have u ever place a curse on someone?(prov.18:21) ,have u ever stolen anything…be it little or big in ur life b4? Has God forgiving u b4?(lev.16:16). Even if they av done abominable things…can TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT ? The Heaven is Out looking down on Us all. To ur surprise some will ask for Gods mercy b4 their death,and Jesus will lead d way to Heaven…while d ppl killing their body here on earth will b wasting their time.Mat 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

  92. How are they sure dose guys stole?gosh!!!!!they were nt seen wt de items claimd dey stole,nd besides 1 of deceased ws ma fwend on fbk nd a broda from anoda parents,dey aint suffering,his father is a top staff in nnpc so y wl dy wana stil wen he has evryfin?d law has 2 cme in nw,even if dey actually stole,who has d right over sme1 elses life,people get mind sha!we dey find people wey go fight boko haram,nd here see dem wastin lifes!God help nija.

  93. Adele did u actually saw or read were dey said dey were seen wt d items dey claimd d guys stole?we aint gven rum 2 criminals,even if dey re 1,dnt we ve law in ds country anymre,I cudnt sleep wen I watch dt video,talk more of people who killed dem!let God be de judge.

  94. Adele u are a very stupid human being aw i wish yhu were de one beaten and burnt alive like dt den yhu will knw aw it feels for a human being to die that way.Men i renounce nigeria as from toady and as from ds moment if i dear see any allu community in lagos i babatunde hakeem dosunmu will personally kill dt person either boy,girl,man or woman allu community beware
    and yhu guys shld thank ur God it was not men yu dd dt to or else there wont be a state named portharcourt again fuck yhu adele to hell with you bastard yhu asshole fool idiot monchigoba fuck ur families nd de whole of allu community God will judge yhu all In jEsus name

  95. This is wickedness and stupidity to the max. Those who are in authority who commit the major crimes that affect the economy in general get away with it while some students who were stealing phones to meet the basic necessities of life were burnt to death… Its really unfortunate that the people who committed this crime could be so incentive, unreasonable and heartless.

  96. @ adele,u re a fucking illitrate and a miserable lunatic,it doesnt matter if they stole or nt,is dat enough reason 4 four!,nt even 1!,a whole four human beings to be burnt alive?abeg do u listen to urself b4 u re openin ur rotten mouth .does God strike u down at every little lie u say?i believe d man in d blue checked shirt is ur father or relative and God,s judgement ll come upon u and ur family.oloshi!akpongbo.alakori,God punish u and everyone dat has gt a hand in their death.

  97. @ jude,re u a human being or a dare u open ur filthy mouth and judge another human being.u beta stop pilin curses on ur head,cos u dont really know wat went down in aluu.if u ve gt nothin to say,shut up and go look for a job or sumthin.idiot!

  98. @Don,make thunder wey no get remorse fire you and ur entire generation for sounding that your useless and inhumane opinion on this.Who knows,you might have done something even worst than stealing,but you have the impetus to form holy on this issue.God punish you for not showing pity on this young bloods.

  99. This is another of the several unfortunate incidents that happen on daily basis around the country. This one is only celebrated because some body had the courage of posting it on the internet. We are all pretenders and hypocrites. Have we not watched this happen several times in the past even to clearly innocent people. Let us take this as another opportunity to reflect on the decadents ravaging our country and make sincere effort to remedy the situation. The government should not hesitate to bring all the culprits to the justice they deserve as a deterrent to other evil and lawless communities.

  100. Well for me i want all who were involved with the killing of those young boys to be brought to book.Adele u must be a very foolish and heartless human being.May their souls rest in peace..

  101. Adele,you are a satanic bastard and your death will be worse than those boys.Lets face it,they were victims of envious indigenes of that community.Aluu will continue to bury their dead until no one will be left.Death itself has found a permanent home in Aluu.

  102. Dis is absolutely inhuman & unjust hw can ppl be so brutal 2 thier fellow humans hmmm! D law must act & d ppl of Aluu must be made 2 face d law witout mercy.

  103. Useless ALuu this young minds live were caught off just like dat?they are being accused of stealing laptops and Blackberry phones,but we cant even lay our eyes on them and who saw them,also who owns it.fake news flying everywhere.
    ALUU means Abormination in my place.U pple have committed a Sacriledge,As these Young minds Blood sunk into ur land that, is how untimely death will befall on all that supported in the killing of these Handsome Young MINDS.GOD PLEASE AVENGE!!! Crying.


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