Photos: “Strangest Creature Found on Earth”

Those are the exact words used to describe this creature on the website on which its pictures were posted – Whether it is truly the strangest creature ever found on earth, we cannot tell. But the fact remains: it is really strange. Although it happened in Thailand, the time of the discovery was missing from the website. But the creature has the shape of an overfed human baby (with a slightly oversize head), and it also has a tail and hoofs!

Found far away from what writer described as “the technology wonders of the modern society in Thailand”, the creature was unable to escape the lens of the camera. However, in order to show the primitiveness of the society in which it was found, a lot of local folks can be seen in the background of the pictures, doing what looks like “worshipping” the creature.

This is evident in the various items – baby powder, juices, etc – which they have brought as if in tribute to this creature: “They have even brought a fan to keep it well preserved for the scientists,” the writer says.

Reminiscent of a similar discovery which was allegedly made in Igbinedion, Nigeria, recently, the only difference is that there are more pictures in this case, which makes the Igbinedion discovery suspect.




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