Photos: Screen Shot Reveals Faces Of Some Of The Shameless Murderers Of ‘Aluu4’

Thank God for mobile phone technology, unusual happenings no longer go unrecorded or captured by Nigerians. Ever since the sordid news came to limelight, courtesy of snap shots and videos of the gruesome murder of the four undergraduate students of Uniport, there have been calls on the government and security agencies by generality of Nigerians to use the footage to identify those mindless members of Aluu community who perpetrated the dastardly act.

Hopefully, that call is paying off as already, several suspects have been arrested in connection to the murders. Once again, we are using this opportunity to call on government to use the faces in this photos as a means of identifying more suspects.

Here are screen shots from the murder scene and even though there are reports that members have started fleeing the community, a warrant for their arrest should be issued nationwide wherever they are found.


  1. No peace for the wicked. Pls govt should make haste to catch up with dis devils,so that they can serve as scapegoat for the rest. they must nt go free o.*sad*

  2. i apologize to the entire public 4 my previous post. ever since i heard diz news i’ve been against de killing of dis young men. i jst watch de video, and ever since den i’ve neva been myself. y are most humans dis wicked? supposing those killed were theit family members, wuld they hav killed dem in such a dredful and wicked manner. i appeal to d security agencies to mak sure dis persons are deprived of their freedom 4 de rest of their lives.

  3. I don’t have anything to tell but the spirit of those 4 guys will continue to hunt them untill they confess their sin and die afterwards. they’ll never see peace in their life. How can you kill your fellow human being like that,when one see this kind of story you’ll be scared to come back to Nigeria,is very painfull that we are still behind. Nobody could even alart police to come rescue them that country is messed up for real. May God save us……..

  4. This has only shown the level of failure of the police department in nigeria,every police officer should be ashamed of themselves,how can Nigeria progress when innocent blood of promising youths are being shed daily,a bill should be passed by the national assembly to serve capital punishment to any Nigerian that commit jungle justice,even if they are armed robber no nigerian has a right to denial another Nigerian his or her right to is a gift from God to all.


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