PHOTOS: 20 Year Old Brazilian Beauty Sells Her Virginity For £500,000

A BRAZILIAN student has reportedly sold her virginity for almost half a million pounds in an online auction.
Catarina Migliorini, 20, was one of two virgins to take part in the auction for an Australian documentary.
A Japanese man bid £487,000 to be the first to take her to bed.
Catarina said she would use the money to study medicine in Argentina, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

“I am 20, I am responsible for my body and I am not hurting anyone,” she said.
“For me, it’s not prostitution. When someone does something once in his or her life, this is not considered a profession. If you take a picture and it comes out good, you are not a photographer because of it.”
Russian lad Alexander Stepanov also sold his virginity on the Virgins Wanted auction, receiving the winning bid of £1,876 from Brazil.
The documentary has attracted criticism on its Facebook page with several users voicing concerns over the ethics of the auction.

According to the auction’s terms, Catarina will undergo a medical examination to prove she is a virgin and the consummation will take place within the next ten days.
The “rules” also ban the use of intimacy gadgets, kissing and recording, as well as stipulating a minimum time of one hour.
Each virgin will reportedly receive $20,000 as well as 90 percent of their “sale” figure.
Catarina was previously said to be taking part to raise money for the poor.



  1. To me there is nothing bad in what she did. She is the owner of her body and a lot of girls out there have lost their virginity for nothing or miniature things. Like she said, she is using the money for a good course, ‘her education’.

  2. What she has done is right cos she’s old enough to take her own decisions. How is wish i had my virginity to sell too to use the money for my studies abroad.

  3. Where will this money take us too. If we are not careful, this money issue is taking a lot of people to hell. Imagine selling ur body for money, why don’t u think of d future and hereafter. God deliver us all. Aal izz well

  4. World of many imporsibillities!! Selling ur body 4 money,sister remember ur body is the temple of de lord and dat ur body is nt urs,flee fornication sister hell and heaven are real

  5. My body is God’s sactuary, Lord purify me like Gold so dat maysay my body is yor sactuary in Jesus name amen! She is not d owner of her body, it blongs 2God. Everytin will surely fade away but dos dat abide in God sal remain 4ever!

  6. All that support that animalistic and aculturistic tendencies should as well started auctioning part of their body such as eyes, leg, hands, fingers, ears in order to get ‘money’ that will be source of their sorrow ‘tommorrow’. Let’s call a spade a spade, this is outrightly absurd.

  7. she has deprive the pride of her womanhood,and as such she is a disgrace to womanhood, but only God can judge her coz she has a reason for her reactions, I prayed that God should forgive her and receive her again coz we are living in a wicked and crazy world.

  8. All these fool talkin about sin, whu are u to judge her? Shes doing it for a right cause, shes giving sm to charity and the rest for school, hw many of the prostitues in ur area or the once u’ve slept with can do this? You cn’t judge her cuz ur not the mind of GOD even u guys tht work dnt even give to charity besides its a one time thing. Seems like religion is driving africa backwards.

  9. What shal it profit a man if he gain de whole world and looses his soul? Take it or leave, bad thing is bad no amount of reasons or excuses wil make it good. Morality or ethics can not be jettison even when making ur personal decisions. So baby, that is not an alternative @all to sponsor ur self


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