Photo: Katsina Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy With Three Legs

On Friday 28th September, a woman simply known as Maryamu Bala gave birth to a baby with three limbs in the Sabon Garin Kuraye area of Katsina state, north west Nigeria.

According to eye witness accounts, the baby who is a boy, has what looks like a third leg sprouting from his back just above his waist line.

Members of the sleepy town are still in shock as they have never seen anything of that nature. According to a 33 year old resident who identified herself as Malama Hadiza Galu, “we marvelled at the sight of another limb and were at first taken aback but then, we consoled ourselves with our faith in almighty Allah and the belief that He can do whatever He wishes”.


  1. Brethen d end is near,lets continue 2 pray 2 d Lord 4 us nt 2 witness God’s wrath.D so scientists are even confused.Accept HIM b4 it is too late.

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  4. wanders shall never end as fer as you are alive some times you can hear a story and some times you can see somethings face to face that is true life while a times it happen on to you, so please believe in God becouse all over the world he is the only one that command any things he like nobody may ask him or bleme him becouse he is the king of kings the owner of the world.


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