Peter Okoye, Uti, Jim Iyke, Okey Bakassi, Others comment on ALUU Massacre

We have compiled some of the comments on the killing of four UNIPORT undergraduates. Read Peter Okoye, Uti, Jim Iyke, Okey Bakassi, Others comments on the gruesome killing below:

Peter Okoye

I totally condemn the killing of the UNIPORT students! No matter the story, We are governed by laws. #Justiceforaluu4. 4 christ sake what is our beautiful country turning into..dis is sad. #justiceforaluu4.
Dis is inhuman… May God help us all. AMEN. #justiceforaluu4. Justice must prevail. Just saw the video… OMG!. Who knws how many they have bin killin? #justiceforaluu4


Uti Nwachukwu

Other Countries are battling Natural Disasters, Nigeria is here facing the most avoidable- HUMAN DISASTER! KMt! Nonsense!!!! I won’t be Surprised if de come up wit stupid allegations like-they were cultists/rapists/ritualists!WE don’t FREAKiN CaRe!#justiceforaluu4 Those people that killed those boys have been killing! Its not their first time! CRIMINALS!! These people will be there passing nonsense irrelevant bills! They had better pass a new ANTI-JUNGLE JUSTICE BILL O! & attach DEATH SENTENCE



I mourn deeply with the families of these young men because this is OUR collective loss. They were our colleagues, our classmates, our neighbors, our brothers… our friends.
We are NOT a nation of barbarians. We CAN follow due processes and procedures. We MUST fight together as ONE NATION to ensure that Justice as a whole is served, and as a PROCESS, is duly followed-ALWAYS.
We can only try to make meaning of this senseless tragedy by ensuring that this WILL not happen again, by affirming that the pursuit of justice does not in any way entitle any of us to the willful elimination of other people’s lives and by ensuring that we, as youths, do not destroy the honorable mantle placed on us as the future of our nation, by eliminating our present.


Tony One-Week (Nollywood Actor and Musician)

It is a shame that in year 2012, we still experience what happened to these Uniport students that were illegally murdered based on allegation. A man is deemed innocent until he is found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. I solidly stand with other concerned Nigerians to condemn this action in totality. This is barbaric jungle justice. Government must stand up to its job of securing life and property. Too bad.


Yemi Blaq

I think it is absolute barbarian: And anyone who kills in the name of any course is a murderer. My heart is broken.


Jim Iyke

Someone needs to remind me again we are in a democratic society. We act like these reprehensible acts of senseless waste of precious lives is in a civil war. Our sweep-it-under-the-carpet and move on syndrome is taking us at an unprecedented height. We need to rise up as an entity and decry this evil in our security system or it will take us all under in the wake of its tide. I’m not a doomsday messenger but it’s easy to see where this propensity is leading us.


Okey Bakassi

What we are experiencing today in Nigeria as exemplified by the Uniport killings is a demonstration of the collapse of the entity called Nigeria. It’s a failure of leadership at all levels: Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Religious, Cultural, etc., people are slow to love and quick to hate. The world is becoming more sophisticated in the act of wickedness. Where were the police all through the ordeal of those boys? In this GSM era…all those who supervised the barbaric killings of those young boys probably claim to know God. Shame on us all.


Jennifer Eliogu

Justice must take its course.


Grace Amah

The incident was traumatizing, horrendous, barbaric, despicable, geeky and simply wicked to have taken place at this level of development of the human race. If nothing is done to stop this high level of barbarism in our land, it will add to the image challenges Nigeria is facing and puts a question mark on the leadership of the University authorities in Nigeria. We have laws, why wouldn’t the laws be applied where students infringe on them in matters as ordinary as stealing phones and laptops at a time our national source of economic growth-the oil is being stolen daily and the toil thieves are celebrated. Nigerians are waiting to get an answer from the authorities of the University of Port Harcourt and Jonathan government as to why such future in those young men will be wasted for nothing.


Mr. Kool

There have been some controversies about the incident and the actual offence of the killed students. But I think one point is clear, mob action or jungle justice is totally unacceptable. The killing was barbaric, the victims had the right to life, the right to defend themselves and be punished under the law if found guilty of any crime. The authorities should bring the perpetrators to book. It is really unfortunate.


  1. Woe be unto all Nigerians if GEJ comes out for second term and we allow him even contest! If the head is bad, the body will also be bad! In this case the head is rotten, who ever heard of anytin like this wen OBJ was there? Even we southerners that love to hate the north how many nothern presidents tolerated lawlessness to this level? I’m ashamed I voted this government in but I’m wiser now.

  2. ‘There is a lot of hypocrisy going on here, Everyone knows that this sort of thing has been going on throughout the nation for years, but – in the absense of an effective police force – we turn a blind eye to it, How many 000s/0000s of other innocent people have been lynched as suspected armed robbers? It seems that it takes a video to cause a collective sense of revulsion and shame that we have allowed such things happen in Nigeria. What is needed is the political will to do something about it. In most ‘civilised ‘ countries this would be headline news until the wrongdoers were arrested and justice was seen to be done, This story has already been relegated to the backpages of all the newspapers and will soon be forgotten

  3. Oh my God!what a tragic incident.pls stop dis kind of brutal killing,it is a devilish act.Aluu people are heartles.and inhuman

  4. Am not suprise because things morethan this has been happening. Oh what a regrateful world. I pity this innocent soul. People has forgoten so soon that we have a supreme being (GOD) who is watching us. GOD must judge this.

  5. Please lets stop this nigerians!!! .This is becoming worst as d days come and go. Make nigerian a better place pls. I cant stop crying for this student. These perpetrators had done injustice to mankind and nature. God will judge this.

  6. one dat kills must follow suit! Justice must b follow wt ol due process. Let d federal govt ensure dat justice is passed unbehalf of d slain students, Get al d peeps let dem face d wrath of d law. 4 wat goes around comes around. I sympathise wt ma fellow students of uniport and d entired students of d fedral republic of Nigeria, may God save all 4m d hands of mens of underworld. Amen. gr8t Nigeria students!. . .gr8t!

  7. hav it cum 2 an estnt viliages kiling student, pples chearin dem up even hav d got 2 video it n post it 2 utub. Heart of men re full of evil.


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