N/Korean Official Executed By Mortar Shell For Drinking During Mourning Period For Late Ruler

A North Korean military officer has been executed with a mortar shell blast for disrespecting late ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-il by drinking alcohol during the 100-day mourning period.

No Fun: Throughout The Mourning For Kim Jong-il, Pictured With His Youngest Son & New North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, All Pleasurable Activities, Including Drinking, Were Banned

South Korean media claim Kim Chol, the secretive state’s former vice minister of the army, was forced to stand on a spot that had been targeted with a mortar on the orders of Kim Jong-un.

The North Korean leader, who took over from his father after his death in December last year, demanded Kim Chol was ‘obliterated’, with ‘no trace of him behind, down to his hair’ in January.

It followed the North Korean regime’s decision to order its 25 million population to abstain from pleasurable activities – including drinking alcohol – in honour of Kim Jong-il.

As an initial crack down on pleasure, anyone found to be not showing extreme distress in the hours after the dictator’s death were dealt with severely by being sent to six months in labour camps, according to reports leaking from the Stalinist nation.

It was claimed that anyone who failed to turn up at organised mourning events within two days of the burial service were sent to a labour camp and punishment was also meted out to anyone who even made a mobile phone call out of the country.

Funeral Procession: The Mourning Period After The Death Of Kim Jong-il Lasted 100 Days

But when the mourning period to mark Kim’s burial was over and the strict ‘no pleasure’ 100 days followed, anyone who raised a glass of alcohol was in danger of receiving a death sentence.

According to South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, Kim Chol was one of those who failed to resist the chance of having a drink.

And while he was the most senior official reported to have been arrested and executed, the South Korea newspaper reporter that a number of other generals were shot after being found guilty of drinking and being involved in sex scandals.

In total, 14 senior party, government and military officials were said to have been ‘purged’ on the direct orders of Kim’s son and new leader Kim Jong-un.

It was claimed by sources outside the country that the mourning periods had created a ‘vicious atmosphere of fear’ which have spilled over to daily life almost a year after Kim Jong-il’s death.

South Korean lawmaker Yoon Sang-hyun told the Chosun Ilbo paper that the executions were probably not over.

‘It seems that the purges will continue for the time being, as Kim Jong-un is tightening his grip on power,’ he said.




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