Nigerians Warned About Sending Their Children To Universities In Ukraine

Nigerian Ambassador to Ukraine, Frank Ngozi Isoh, has advised Nigerians to be wary of sending their children to English Language training institutions as Ukrainians are not proficient in the language.

In September, the National Universities Commission (NUC) had said some states sponsor students to sub-standard universities and Ukraine was one of the countries mentioned. Isoh said, “One thing I will like to say about education in this place, and this is something we intend to package in a report to government to see how this can be propagated back home – I do not think that Nigerians get the best when it comes to studying in this place in the English language.”

Isoh said the lure for most parents is the low cost of tuition which is about $3,000 for a course that could cost up to $20,000 in the United States or Canada.

But despite this advantage he said, “The people who teach them in English language are natives of this country who are also not very proficient in the language.”

Isoh who also commented on universities offering medical courses said, “We don’t think that Nigerian medical doctors trained in English speaking universities here get the best.

But those who endeavour to learn the language and then attend lectures with the natives certainly get better trained.” He said his best advice to parents would be to get the children to study the local language first to get the best of their education system.

Executive Secretary of NUC Professor Julius Okojie also made reference to a university in Ukraine where there are over 800 medical students and some of the students do not have the qualification in basic sciences.


  1. that 1 concern them. it way better than studying in nigeria and i dont think its all schools in ukraine. well its better than strike, cultism,boko harakm, aluu community, and poor learning facilities.

  2. Well i have nothn more to say..But Nigeria is worth Living at any expense sofar no strike no cultism and no taking Jamb over and Over again…..He is saying these becaz NUC don Pay Him so make dem dey eat dere money,see dis people in Nigeria Know what they are doing….if they want us to stay they should reform education closing Jamb for Good and leave aptitude test….I remembered Last time de issue was brought to the House the simultaneously turned down the Demotions from members and still Jamb exist..People leave because of fraustration so i no blame them..Imagine common absu is Paying 200k as school fees..and yu want me to pay it and yet there will be strike i rada travel to UsA with it and start skooln under scholarship or Grant and Payback Later becaz if you study dere u get work atlast but here everything Na go look for work even in Dream…This country will never change so far we have corrupted officials

  3. What do we expect when the Nigerian universities are worse.if they are not on strike because of unpaid or low salaries,itsstudent do not get quality education because some pay to pass exams,lecturers are busy finding other avenues to make money because of poor salaries,the students have little or no basic amenities because Govt have refused to invest on better education and cases like the Aluu four happen because there are no decent or enough accomodation and students have to dwell amongst savage villagers,or students are victimised by lecturers or other students in cult fraternities or religious fanatics like those in Adamawa,or the basic tools for their courses are not available so if you were a parent,Siberia seems to be a better option.

  4. Hmm…abeg,wat are they saying. I’m sure their kids are studying abroad oo.Quack government,God is watching u ppl sha.Hw dare u compare Ukraine wit Nigeria.local language my foot. Uganda even better pass Nigeria 1000times,Nonsense govt!

  5. What does he think he is saying…there is English medium in Ukraine…and their pattern is way better than naija…even in naija our country to gain admission Na world war…am sure their children R studying abroad…even without qualified certificate nd there R complaining …if they like they should not improve they should be talking about Ukraine…they R also developing….it just kills them that it is affordable nd way better than Nigeria …BAD BELLE PEOPLE…..they feel it’s only their children that are fit to study abroad while the others die in naija….what ever they do they can’t stop our success


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