‘My Wife Threatened To Leave Me If I Return To Maiduguri’ – Coach Kelechi Emeteole

Coach Kelechi Emeteole who holds a chieftaincy title in his Isiukwuato Community of Abia State, has revealed that pressure from his wife and council of chiefs in his hometown prevailed on him not to return to Maiduguri following the prevalent insecurity in Borno State and its environs occasioned by the spate of killings by the notorious religious sect, Boko Haram.

“My wife and the Council of Chiefs in my town prevailed on me not to return to Maiduguri because of the security situation there and in other northern parts of the country due to the spate of killings masterminded by the notorious religious sect, Boko Haram. The elders in my town, friends and well wishers were not left out in the decision that I must not return to Maiduguri,” the man fondly called Caterpillar revealed

“I had wanted to go back and continue with my job, but my wife threatened to pack her things and return to her parents with all our children because, according to her, returning to Maiduguri would mean that I have chosen to commit suicide,” he narrated. Caterpillar revealed that the chairman of El-Kanemi personally called his wife to plead with her to allow him return to his job, assuring her of her husband’s security in Maiduguri, but she stood her grounds. “The club chairman requested for my wife’s telephone number to enable him plead with her to allow me to return to Maiduguri, and I obliged him. But all his entreaties fell on deaf ears, as my wife would not want to hear that I went back to the El-Kanemi job, even for a billion dollars.

“She vehemently refused to conceded to the chairman’s plea, citing the recent killing of El-Kanemi Warriors’ doctor as well as the attempt on the life of the Shehu of Borno by the members of Boko Haram as reasons for her objection. According to her, if prominent indigenes of Borno State could be attacked, what security would a non-indigene like me claim to have?”

The coach who revealed that it was a difficult decision for him, however confessed that he will miss the wonderful management team of El-Kanemi Warriors, particularly the chairman, secretary and the welfare officer as they were all wonderful and highly cooperative.



  1. Why do you want to commit suicide for goodness sake?just go and thank your God for your wife. Or did your mother bury your placenta at Maidugeri?


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