“My Marriage Is Not Perfect But There’s No Issue Of My Husband Sleeping With My Daughter” – St. Janet

The story spread like wild fire when it was alleged that lewd singer, St. Janet called it quits on her marriage after she caught her husband, Kaode Iyun, in bed with her 16 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

St. Janet has responded to the story and calls it “false tales.” In her words:

“When I read the story I was shocked. I don’t know where it came from. Nothing of such happened to me or anybody I know. My marriage is not perfect but it’s intact. There’s no issue of my husband sleeping with my daughter. I don’t even have a 16 year old daughter. I have younger sisters who live with me, but nothing of such ever happened. I strongly believe my detractors are at work. I am strongly investigating where the story came from. It was targeted towards my career and they felt the best way they could go about it is to go about spreading false tales about my personal life.”

But really, who would readily admit on the pages of newspapers or blogs that they caught their husband in bed with another lady moreso, their step-daughter?



  1. Handy work of Lazy journalist & bloggers who feaSt on cheap albeit false gossips. Its so disappointing that over 95% of gossip news on our social media network are a bunch of concocted & unfounded lies. Bunch of Lazy asses, information nigeria inclusive.


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