My husband and the doctor sold my one-day-old baby and offered me N100,000 – 20-year-old Woman

Charity Nwuzo a 20-year-old woman from Ebonyi State has accusing her husband of conniving with a medical doctor to sell off her one-day-old baby. According to her, she had gone to a hospital with her husband where she was delivered of a baby boy, but she never came out of the hospital with her new bundle of joy. Narrating her ordeal, Charity disclosed that an ultra-sound test conducted on her by the doctor had detected that she had a baby boy, which she said increased the joy of her supposed husband.

She recounts: “When the doctor conducted an ultra-sound test on me which detected that I was bearing a baby boy, he told my husband. And my husband was very happy. He even increased the love and care he had for me. I thought I had finally arrived and that at least my baby will no longer be called a bastard since somebody had agreed to be his father… Then, one day, I was in a ward in the hospital when a woman dressed in Nigerian Immigration uniform entered and met the doctor. I saw them together, and I overheard them discussing something like buying or selling a baby boy for the sum of N600, 000.

“Later in the evening of that same day, I was invited into the theatre where I was held and forced down by the wife of the doctor, my husband, and some other people that I could not identify. Then the doctor injected me and I fell asleep immediately. After that, I was operated upon… My unborn baby boy of seven months and three weeks old was removed and sold to the immigration officer. When I recovered and requested to see my baby, I was given N100, 000.

“But I didn’t collect the money. I rejected it and insisted on having my baby because if I should go home without my baby, my people who were already aware of my pregnancy would reject me. When they realized that I was adamant and still refused to collect the N100, 000, they pushed me out of the hospital with the caesarean wire still in my stomach. They also seized my handset to stop me from communicating with people… It was one Miss Chika Ejiofor who took me to her house, and later introduced me to a lawyer, Mr. Akonanya who offered to give me free legal services.”

Meanwhile, policemen attached to “D” Department of the State CID, Awka, have reportedly swooped into action and arrested the said medical director, his wife and the supposed husband of the victim.



Source: Dailypost


  1. Aww!.. This is a fufilment of another bible prophecy that says parents will eat their own children. Literally speaking, parents will not cook their children and eat them as food. All around the world you see parents pushing their children to do whatever they can to make money, they even introduce the spirit of stardom in their children at a very tender age not minding what they put their hands into. And their parents just sit back and enjoy the child’s wealth and Stardom… Such examples are not far fetch, we all knw hw old Michael Jackson was whn he began as a star (6yrs) how abt Beyonce, (3yrs) Whitney Houston?(7yrs) just to mention a few, and they all end up selling their souls to the devil. Am not shocked whn I hear such news, I definitely knw the end is here.


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