Man Regrets Taking His Pound Of Flesh On Women After He Was Defrauded By Prostitute

The man, who identified himself simply as Samson Igwe, is currently lodging in one of the police cells, after detectives trailed him to a popular hotel in Oregun, Lagos. He was arrested together with a friend he’d recruited to join in his operations.

They operated in  Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja by luring innocent women and robbing them of expensive jewelries, handsets and cash running into millions of naira.

However, in an interview with the Vanguard, he said he had no apology for doing what he did. He said that a lady he picked in Lagos in 2010 when he came back from South Africa robbed him after he sucked her boobs and slept off. After that incident, he set out to exert revenge on women.

According to him,  “I am a native of Orlu in Imo State, but I traveled to South Africa in  year  2000, and I lived for 10  years before I returned home. I came back with $30,000 and I lodged at the Airport Hotel in Ikeja. On the night,  I went to Metro Park Night club and picked a woman. I took her to my hotel room and when  we got there I had a friend who came to pay me a visit in my room and while we  were discussing, the woman discovered that I just returned from South Africa and I had some money.

“When the friend left and we were about to make love,  I asked her to take her bath  but she refused and said we will do  that after sex but while I was romancing her, I sucked her breasts before I went into her. But shortly afterwards, I started feeling very dizzy and immediately fell asleep;  I did not wake up until 6.00am. When I woke up,  I  discovered  that she was gone; quickly, I checked my bag to see if my properties were still intact but  I  was shocked  that the $30,000  I  brought back home and all my jewelries were gone.

“I immediately ran to the security guard to inquire if they saw her and they admitted  seeing her  on short, and  when they asked where she was going, she told them that she was going to get toothpaste and soap.   I rushed back to my room and I checked the wardrobe where she kept her cloth and I discovered that her bag and a pair of  trouser were still there.

“After waiting for a long time and she didn’t return; I realised that I had been robbed by a prostitute. There and then,  I decided to take my pound of flesh from women.  I can not count the numerous women I had done this to. But now,  I  have realized that what I was doing was a transferred aggression; which is not good.”

He said that his method involved going out at night, pretending to be a rich man with plenty  of money to spend. He looked for  well dressed women, who had  expensive jewelries on, as well as phones and then asked them out. When they got to the hotel, he spiked their drinks, raped and then robbed them.



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