Maid In Zimbabwe Boils Employers 3 Month Old Baby To Death Because Salary Was Not Paid

Emakhandeni residents in Bulawayo were left shocked as to where the world is headed after a maid allegedly put her employer’s three months old baby in a container and boiled it for a hour. This was in revenge to her employer’s failure to pay her salary on time. The alleged incident occurred on Wednesday last week.

It is understood that the maid, Nokuthula Nyathi, usually gets paid on the first day of every month but at the time of the alleged incident, the woman’s salary was overdue by two days. According to a source, Nyathi and her employer, Karen Dube, have a long-standing dispute.

“I do not think that money was the reason for all this. Dube did not trust her because she has caught the maid stealing her  belongings on several occasions. The employer tried to fire her but the maid resisted. So I think that might be the major reason behind the cruel deed,” said the source.

It is reported that on the day in question, Nyathi asked Dube to give her her salary. The employer said she did not have the money and promised to get it by the end of the week and left for work thereafter. Nyathi, however, appeared not to have believed her employer’s promise. She is alleged to have taken the three-month old baby and put it in a container and boiled the infant on a stove for close to an hour.

The maid then took her belongings and left. On her return in the evening, Dube found her baby still in the container and purportedly shocked by what was before her, she fell unconscious. The woman was discovered by a neighbour lying on the floor.

An ambulance was called to the scene while the body of the infant was taken to a mortuary. Nyathi was nabbed a day after the incident and appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea facing murder charges. She was remanded in custody to 23 October.


  1. Total wickedness!! The maid is from aluu but seriously how can a mother leave her infant child with a maid she doesn’t trust??! Hmmm she has been stealing from you, you fired her to no avail and she exhibits criminal behaviour yet you leave your baby with her even after not paying her for two days? Though I must confess if my boss holds my salary a day longer I’ll feel like strangling him but this is going too far and totally “aluuish”


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