Joseph Yobo Set To Open Night Club In Lagos Again

Night club business is lucrative no doubt but its attendant effect on the social and moral lifestyle of a people cannot be overlooked. Nigerian footballers who ply their trade abroad have invested several millions of Naira into businesses ranging from real estate to automobile,  entertainment and so on.

Therefore it is no surprise that Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo, is set to open a new nightclub in the heart of Lagos in December. This makes it the second time that the soccer star will own a nightclub in the bustling city. The first one, known as Insomnia, reportedly folded up because  of mismanagement.

Having learnt from the mistakes of the past, Yobo seems determined to make this one a success. For now, he is focused on completing the construction of the new club.

We also gathered that he has concluded plans to  open two other clubs in Abuja and Port Harcourt sometime in 2013. And to make this possible, he has hired the services of a new team of resourceful nightclub managers. “You can be rest assured that when its operation commences, the nightclub will redefine the nightclubbing concept in Nigeria,” one of those involved in the arrangement said recently.

It would be recalled that Cameroonian striker, Samuel Eto’o Fils has a telecommunications company in his home country. Known as Set’Mobile, it is already the third largest mobile phone provider in Cameroon, having already sold over 50,000 SIM cards and being only the third telecom company operating in the nation.




  1. Rubbish!! Instead of Night Clubs, I will strongly advice him to open Recreational Centers that would be well supervised or to open like Exotic Restaurants more unique and standard fast food joints also pay well in Nigeria these days cuz definitely some groups like that of the rich and policians are ready to blow thousands to millions of Naira on fantasies and enjoyments. U do know more than I sound here. But a Night Club, wow! Another opportunity for human traffickin, drug dealin, prostitutions, gangsterism, armed robbers joint, alcoholisms with no restrictions, Cultists Battlefield and more of these to mention. WE ARE NOT THAT CIVILIZED AS THE WORLD COULD OF CIVILIZATION cuz Civilization must come with Development and Adequate Faculty of Reasoning to bring about Peace and Progress. Thanks. Love For All, Hatred For None.

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