Hurricane Sandy: 13 Dead, Immense Damage Reported

Hurricane Sandy has been regarded as one of the largest storms to ever hit the East Coast. The super storm that hit the United States has led to the death of 13 persons while over 6.5 million people have been left without power. New York, the city that never sleeps is now dark.

Fire has gutted several blocks of residence in Queens as the super storm made power cables collide and generate sparks.

At least 69 people died from the same storm as it passed through the Caribbean.

For the first time in over hundred years, the New York Stock Exchange will be closed for a second day.

A lot of losses have been predicted in billions as a result of the storm, but the US is not only hit economically, but also politically as it’s just a few days to the US presidential elections.

Global climate experts are already airing their views about the storm. Is it just a natural disaster no one could have done anything about, or is it as a result of global warming constituted mainly by the activities of man?

The current struggle to keep millions of lives safe may not allow for discussion on what anyone could have done now, but hopefully the storm goes away soon, and losses minimal enough to bear.


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