Hurricane Oshiomhole: Fires 41 Education Zonal Inspectors, Demotes Vice-Principal

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State yesterday announced the removal of 41 zonal inspectors and chief inspectors of education and local government education officers over non-performance and negligence of duty in continuation of the on-going sanitization of the state education sector. The decision, according to him, was the outcome of a continuing performance audit.

Also, the governor announced the demotion of the Vice Principal of New Era College, Mr. S.E Akhabue, from Grade Level 15 to Grade Level 14 for being a perpetual latecomer. While meeting the affected school inspectors and officers at the Government House, the governor disclosed that the administrative details of the change in the school inspectorate would be made known in the coming days.

It would be recalled that the governor had paid series of unscheduled visits to public schools across the state in the last two weeks, where he made mind-boggling discoveries bordering on absenteeism or dereliction of duty by teachers. Addressing the inspectors yesterday, Oshiomhole said: “It’s obvious from what I’ve seen today and from what you’ve told me that you’ve all breached your basic duties, which is to monitor schools and file basic reports, which among things, should include reports on those present and absent so that government can take steps to assist those who want to work to remain and those who don’t want to work to go home.

“Edo State Government has lost millions of naira of taxpayers’ money because of your failure to do your duties. “You are guilty of negligence of duty and even abandonment of your duties. I believe that most times, you don’t even come to work. We do not need this set of zonal inspectors of education, chief inspectors of education and local government education inspectors. “The days are gone when people don’t do their jobs. It’s shocking that you recognize that you are supposed to have written reports, yet you fail to do so.

“I am happy that parents and guardians are returning their children and wards to public schools as a result of the massive investment we have made in the education sector, yet, you who are to ensure that teachers work do not do so. “I’m not hiding the fact that only those who are willing to work will keep their jobs. Everybody must be accountable.” I am accountable to the Edo people, the House of Assembly is accountable, and so if we are accountable, who are you not to be accountable.

“If the teachers don’t teach, we have no future and your brief is to ensure that the teachers work and yet you failed to do that. “It’s a new Edo, everybody must be put on notice to work and justify their pay. I have a duty to remind you that when you have abandoned your job, you have also lost it.” The Vice Principal of New Era College, Mr. Akhabue, who was demoted by a grade level during an unscheduled visit to the school by the governor, was found guilty of perpetually getting to the office late.

The time-book of the teachers, which the governor went through showed that the vice principal sometimes got to the office as late as 9:55a.m.



  1. It would be recalled that the comrade governor, when he visited one of the public schools early this year, a student of that school commended him for his developmental strides and public-schools renovations but requested the comrade governor the PLEASE ask their teachers to kindly stay in school and teach them meaning teachers don’t come to class or even school. This request prompted the governor’s unscheduled visit to schools and the subsequent actions that now follow. Those planning to deal ruthlessly with that student should take heed now less they face the wrath of GOD whose decision is final in man’s life. Be warned. God bless you.

  2. Thanks d comrade, ur execellency for dis sanitizatn u re brining to pub. sch. May God strentns u and bring for wo will contnue frm were u gonna stop

  3. Wat d govno did is right bcos mst of d skuls in d country nw many stdnt are nt serious bcos teachers dnt do their work properly unlik b4 again, nd dat is y many stdent dnt knw anytin again, 4 dat d engage their selves in exam least dis wil serve as a lesson 2 oda teacher.gud job 2 d governor.God bless Edo state.

  4. Wel don 4 d gud job Governor of edo state, our next president of dis coutry, who say u nt go rul dis state nd d coutry as a whole, dey wil neva suceed, in shal Allah. May Allah si u true. Amin


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