Dep. Senate President Laments “Some N’Assembly Members Can Barely Write Their Names”

Just yesterday we brought you the news of three alleged graduates of the Enugu University of Science and Technology (ESUT) whose questionable degrees are currently been investigated following their inability to properly read and write. Now, the Deputy President of the Senate, Chief Ike Ekweremadu, has lamented the low quality of leaders in the country and has frowned on the educational quality of some National Assembly members, saying they can barely write their names.

Ekweremadu stated this in Awka, the Anambra State capital on Monday while delivering the 2012 Zik Lecture Series organised by the state council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. The lecture was entitled, ‘True Federalism and the Political Ideology of the Great Zik’.

He said it was still a surprise to him that as educationally advanced as the South-East “we still send to the National Assembly some people who can barely write their names”.

Ekweremadu, who described the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe as a knowledgeable leader, said without knowledgeable leadership, the country was heading nowhere.

According to the lawmaker, the country needs leaders that are patriotic, selfless, knowledgeable, incorruptible, who have a lot of integrity and who will always put country first.

He said, “For Nigeria’s, particularly, low development or rather lack of it has been variously traced to successive national leadership.”

Ekweremadu said though a proper federal structure and an error-free constitution were desirable, without purposeful and transformational leadership, they would not help the situation in the country .

He said, “Even the best constitution or federal structure in the world cannot yield the best of democracy dividends or drive the lofty dreams of a nation unless there is a general commitment by the leadership and citizens alike to live by the principles and letters of that constitution and the norms that promote development.”

Ekweremadu added that Nigerian leaders had often mistaken stubbornness and arrogance as principles in politics, saying “this hasrobbed Nigerians of great opportunities of linking up with modernity and technology”.

He added, “Leaders who cannot think beyond their immediate environment have nothing new to offer their people.”

Ekweremadu urged Nigerian leaders to adopt sound principles like Azikiwe did in his days so that they could lead the country into the elite corps of nations.

First son of Azikiwe and Owelle of Onitsha, Chief Chukwuma Azikiwe, said for any leadership to have meaning it must identify with the downtrodden.

He said, “If our farmers and the have-nots are empowered, then they will impact our economy and themselves.”



  1. It is a sorry situation, if there’re people like that in the National Assembly it means that the country’s leadership is in for bad times.

  2. Who is now to ne blame when merely everything in Nigeria is bought by cash, those educated and qualified ones because they don’t hav d cash they keep wondering in the streets, while the illiterates sat in senate or house of assembly collecting big moneys and speaking quash english, some never even say a word since over3yrs there. Shame to u all!

  3. No matter how & what we say, the government won’t change. Now why were these stupid people allowed to sneak into the government,they sit down for many years collecting big cash which their fathers never worked for, no good english & that’s why many don’t speak only what they know is ‘I SUPPORT’, if u see them fighting, don’t think it’s because of the masses but of the money they shared and not enough for them, God punish them.

  4. dat 1 no b new tin nau even 4 ma state thug wey no finish primary 6 was ow local gov’ chairman under former govnor and we thinks say wen bro amosu enta ink go change everytin was just a wash hin own com dey far worse dan bro daniel coz he go choose stark illitrate(alfa wey no go skul @ all and nah sand hin dey sell) as obafemi owode local gov’ chairman mayb actin i no 4 him wu cares thief!!!!!! Dats ow dem dey do usin ow weaknes 2 cheat us like quotin bibles and qurans bt i no 1 day all eyes go open den dem go see demselves burn 2 d ground coz WE AR COMIN BACK & Only death go speak on dem dat day…jah rastafara

  5. Dis is incredible dat sm1 up dia is finding it difficult 2 ryt/spell his own name, dats very appauling, well as he is finding it difficult 2 write/spell his name let him also find it difficult 2 reap wia he didn’t nt sow.

  6. It doesn’t sound insulting or mischievous to point it out dt some of dis National Assembly members can barely write their names correctly. D veracity is dt they know demselves… Some of dem dt parade demselves as lawmakers can’t even move motions dt wil usher in proactive changes in deir various constituencies… like I ‘ve always advocated, d provision of d constitution be amended to project only professionals to contest for senatorial seats. Lawmaking process is saddled with great challenge and responsibility beyond bench warmers

  7. Dep. Senate President Should go and sit down in a dirty chair, Who cares if they went to school or not, As far as am concerned it makes no difference. All of them are criminals, what has the educated ones among them done for us, Finance minister wants to fumigate her office with 43 million Naira. I would even prefer illiterates to be in Govt cos they may not be smart enough to still that much fund.


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