Dating Prezzo Is A Soap Opera That Will Never Come – Goldie

Don’t know why she waited this long to speak out thereby allowing the rumor to fester, grow wings and develop a life of its own. The press fed on news of Goldie’s reconciliation with her Kenyan rapper BBA Stargame Housemate, Prezzo and even dubbed them the African version of Jay-Z and Beyonce?

The Singer Has Declared She Is Not Dating The Kenyan Rapper Calling It A ‘Soap Opera That Will Never Come’

There was even speculation they were together holidaying in the US and don’t blame us yet, the signs were too strong to ignore that they were dating – she was in Kenya shortly after his visit to Nigeria, they reportedly hanged out together while she was in the East African country and the Kenyan press even quoted her as saying she might consider settling there in the future, then the most visible sign, they both posted at different times, photo of themselves wearing a similar shirt with the same inscription on it. What else could we have needed to add 1+1=2?

Despite all the insinuations and furore generated by their alleged romance, Goldie has emphatically declared, “I am not dating Prezzo. The state of things between us is the same state of things between me and anyone in Big Brother.

“We are all friends. I didn’t go to Kenya to see him. I went there for an event. People are just assuming there’s something going on between us because we are not speaking. Well, everybody is just working for the soap opera that will never come.”



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